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Laura and I are always looking for ways of improving our Scribe’s Forge Online Writing Seminars. We now have the opportunity to offer exclusive online video ‘webinars’ — internet-based workshops — where limited classes of up to twenty participants will sit down and discuss a focused aspect of their writing and publishing face-to-face with me over the internet. Each of these workshops will be 90 minutes long and I’ll be answering your questions directly from my office via webcam. There will be more to say about this in the coming weeks as we prepare to launch this new service… but for now we need your feedback.

Writing and Publishing Webinar Topics

These are some of the topics which we are currently considering offering. Please chose THREE from this list that would interest you the most. If you have a topic for a Webinar (web-based seminar or workshop) that you would like us to consider, please leave a comment and we will consider adding it to our list!

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When would they be most convenient?

We would like to schedule our online workshops at dates and times when it will be most convenient for you to attend.

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Thank you for your help. This will aid us in determining which of the above courses to offer first and at what dates & times.

We’ll announce the results in a few weeks. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Your Opinion: Hickman Writing Webinars

  1. Hello, Mr. Hickman.

    I’m interested in taking your seminar and noticed that registry is full. Mostly I, and a friend of mine, are interested in publishing online successfully and ideas on how to gain an audience for your work. We would also appreciate hearing about writting basics and character and plot building that will entertain and keep your audience interested.

    Will regstration be opening up again soon? And will there be something posted when the registry opens up again?

    Kind regards,

    Karen Gosselin

  2. All of these courses are very interesting, but the courses on the publishing end of the spectrum are where my immediate interests manifest. I already know the kinds of story I like to produce, and how to write the characters and plots in my own style. I really need to learn the difficult parts for all writers of finding and building an audience.

  3. Great topics, Tracy. Looking forward to any of them…but voted for my Top 3.

  4. Dani Librarian says:

    Inter-networking please! For all of us super new to this, who aren’t lucky enough to make it to industry conventions all the time – how to use the internet and publishing sources to FIND agents, editors, and the best people to approach, and how best to do that not-in-person if that’s all you’ve got. Probably end up being part of the Publishing Now option, but that part is really important to me, and I’m sure to a lot of others as well. Wonderful idea to do the webinars – can’t wait!

    • In this New Media publishing age you need (1) an audience and (2) the ability to provide them your craft/art in a form they will buy. Of course, that has always been the case, so you have to look at agents, editors and publishers in that light. How do they facilitate these functions and, if they do not provide these benefits, why do you need them? The point is not how to get an agent so much as what agent will provide you with the resources you need to… Oops! I think I may have just launched into a webinar by mistake! I believe you are right; we will be covering this in the Publishing Now Webinar. Hope to see you there.

  5. Here’s a topic I’d like to see. So I’ve written my book, it’s edited and I got a superb cover. How do I build up an online following? I could be the hottest new writer–I could even be as good as you, but if I’m invisible then nobody will read my story.

    • A great idea! How about something like the following: “Shining: Blog-tours, book-bombs and showing your audience how to find you in the age of New Media.” I think I’ll add that to the list…

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