Winter of our Discontent

Pioneer Laura smiles as she plows, and plows, and plows, and plows ... and plows!

Pioneer Laura smiles as she plows, and plows, and plows, and plows … and plows!
(It’s an LDS children’s song: sing if you know it, otherwise just move along…)

Laura and I have, like so many others, been buried this winter in so many ways.

The most obvious is the snow which has been falling her in Utah on the ‘snowboarders’ and the ‘non-snowboarders’ alike in significant abundance. It has brought to me a cold (gratefully fleeting) while at the same time has afforded Laura the opportunity to break out the hefty snow blower and power her way down the sidewalks in my stead. She’s really good at it and I think is using my cold as an excuse.

Other inundations have been less apparent but equally overwhelming. The fact that Laura and I are both working on trilogies at the same time takes up a lot of our time. I sit in my office downstairs with my head in the world of ‘Knights of the Red Band‘ while Laura is in her office upstairs pounding the keys on ‘Unwept’ — the first book in our ‘Nightbirds’ gothic trilogy. In addition, we seem to have finally wrestled our websites into submission after the overwhelming hack that crashed all our websites last fall — draining nearly four months of our time and resources to get them put back together again. We are now grateful that Scribesforge is operating again and are even looking at new services which we might offer there.

In addition to all of the above, I am working on a new trilogy with Dan Willis called ‘Dragons of the Confederacy‘: a steam-punk Civil War (or War Between the States, if you prefer) fantasy AND building our own revolutionary story-telling board game during our evenings.

I’m beginning to think I need a ‘Project-blower’ in addition to the ‘Snow-blower.’ If only it were that simple to finish these wonderful works as putting some gasoline in the tank, cranking the machine over and cleaning them up.

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