Two Roads to Intellectual Property Success

Phil Athans, former Wizards of the Coast editor of both Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms, has just published an article on ‘Intellectual Properties’ (IPs) and how they related to the creators original vision called ‘The Worlds that Outgrew their Stories’ for the onlineĀ  ‘Grasping for the Wind: Science Fiction and Fantasy Book News and Reviews’. It includes commentary by Ed Greenwood and myself on the subjects of Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance.

We hope you enjoy the article!


  1. Brenda Cothern aka Zarkina says:

    What a great article! Being a gamer I can relate to wanting to know as much as I possibly can about the world the story is set in but without a good story in the first place, the IP wouldn’t amount to much. Tracy, do you read FR? What do you think of the changes they have made to the IP in the last few years since introducing the Spellplague? As a long, long, long time fan of FR, I have mixed feelings and can’t help but wonder why such a drastic change would be made to the IP. As a fan, general changes through the years aren’t bad and are usually expected. However, when the entire world is recreated (from the pantheon to the topography) in a few years time, it is quite a shock (not to mention having to ditch 25 yrs of gaming knowledge to adjust to the new IP.) Maybe you can give us some more insight as to why world’s that “work” for years suddenly get re-made?

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