The Leprecon in Dublin

LepreconI will be appearing at Leprecon — the 31st premiere Irish Gaming Convention held this March 12th through 14th or 2010 at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

I’ll be bringing with me a FEW copies of XDM: Xtreme Dungeon Mastery and be performing a fierce Killer Breakfast for any chancers muking about. We’ll also be doing a DragonHearth podcast from Dublin so sure you’ll be listening to that!

So if you happen to be in Dublin on these dates, we’ll be glad to see you, sign a book for you and blather on a bit. And I’ll be working hard over the next month on how many polite ways I might say, “Thank you, but I’ll not share a Pint of the Black Stuff as I never drink alcohol.” I doubt there is an Irish translation of this phrase that will properly work.

Erin go Brágh!

3 thoughts on “The Leprecon in Dublin

  1. Darrin Kleyla says:

    Here are the phonetics for:

    Thank you: Guh rev mah agg utt

    I can’t find the pronunciation of the other two, but, here are some other choices.

    I would like a glass of water: Ba mhaith liom gloinne uisce “bah wah ly-um glinne-eh ish-geh”


    I would like a glass of lemonade: Ba mhaith liom gloinne liomainéide. “bah wah ly-um glinne-eh lim-un-ay-dje”

    Here’s another you might find useful:
    Cá bhfuil leithreas na bhféar? “kah will LEH-riss na vahr” – Where is the Men’s Room?

    For more phrases with phonetics, try:

    Hope that helps.

  2. Not to sound like a fool eejit but might you be able to help with the pronounciation of those fine words?

    Go raibh míle maith agat! (Guh ruh meal/ah mawt ag/gut)
    (literal: may you have a thousand good things!)

  3. Darrin Kleyla says:

    Well, there is an advantage to having relatives straight off of the boat.

    Go raibh maith agat. (Thank you)

    Ní féidir liom deoch alcól. (I do not drink alcohol)
    Ni olaim. (I do not drink)

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