Swept Up by the Sea

SweptUpSea_cover_smOne of the interesting changes between our special collector’s editions of Dragon’s Bard and those of the mass-market editions has been not only in the content of the books but in the marketing approach itself. Originally the second book in our series was titled ‘Blackshore’ and was a sea-going romantic pirate tale.

The publishers who purchased the rights, however, realized that our stories would fit very well in the current Young Adult (YA) market and would have a much broader appeal there. So they asked us to come and visit them at their offices. They presented their approach to us and we were quite pleased.

So Blackshore at once got a complete makeover. Laura and I are going to be reworking the text to make the book more stand-on-its-own complete. The title has changed to one of the original chapter titles and the cover has been completely retuned. The result, as you can see to the right, is something wonderful, magical and terrific for young and young-at-heart readers alike.

Of course, this does make your collectible book more valuable still, so we are excited about these changes for all of us together!

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