Vote Hickman T-shirt

Elect the people who KNOW fantasy
when they see it!

Show your support for Tracy & Laura Hickman’s run for pretty much any elected office of your choice with this politically inappropriate t-shirt!

Order Your Election Shirt Today!

Exclusive Hickman 2012 Campaign T- Shirts (Select Size Below)


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Join the Balanced Party!*

*Three Fighters, Two Clerics, a Mage, an Elf-ranger and a Rogue!

There are a number of candidates running for elected office this year. With all the bickering and arguing about red states and blue states … who can you turn to that actually KNOWS FANTASY WHEN THEY SEE IT?

All t-shirt sales are entirely non-deductible and will be applied directly to the Hickman Retirement Fund.

Sponsored by the Committee to Elect Somebody who Realizes our Future is not a Game.


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