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Tracy & Laura Hickman present their new, previously unpublished Dragon’s Bard Holiday story just in time for the holidays…

Duke Wenceslas is freezing in his castle, demanding that some brave knight will bring him the head of the dragon who is keeping his woodsmen from gathering firewood. At the same time, Emperor Dragon Quorlas is roasting in his lair under the mountain, demanding that some brave dragon from among his brood will bring him the head of the knight who is preventing them from gathering cows to eat. Meanwhile, in the village of Betwixt, young Nicholas wants only to deliver his gifts this Yuletide Eve but can’t until he can find a way to convince the knights and the dragons to make peace. Will young Nicholas find a way of keeping his head while all others seem intent on losing theirs?



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Now you could be reading Eventide in less than a minute…

Laura and I are pleased to announce that our first novel in the Dragon’s Bard series — Eventide — is now available at Amazon.com for their Kindle ebook device. This edition is taken from the original text files of the exclusive hardback first-edition printing. I formatted this edition personally and both Laura and I are very pleased not only with the resulting look of this ebook but that we can now make available this wonderful story to more people around the globe.

We are also looking into other formats and will let you know when they are available … but for now you can enjoy the original first edition either on your Kindle or on your PC using their free Kindle software.

And, of course, we will be starting our journey into the second book — Blackshore — this January. Subscribers to this second novel will experience the full range of the creation of this novel from early concept development through execution and publishing, many will even find their suggested characters appearing in the final book as they become part of the creative process — and, after reading the chapters as they are written — receive their own signed and numbered hardback copy of the finished book in the fall from our private printing.

Get instant access to the exclusive website and be in on the experience from the beginning … early subscription rates are still available for a limited time.

The Immortals

Back in the 1990’s, Laura came to me with a scene she had imagined that would simply not leave her alone. She came to me with it, described it’s dark image to me and asked me what it meant. I then told her that I knew the rest of the story around that scene — and told it to her on the spot. In that moment, that story become my own obsession.

The story was published as ‘The Immortals’ — and become for me one of the most important journeys which I would take personally into writing. It first saw print in 1996.

Now, I am pleased to announce our own Kindle version of this story available right now from Amazon.com. This new version was crafted by my own hand, includes the original artwork and the cover created by myself.

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