Space City Houston … We Have Landed!

Laura and I had such a wonderful time last year at Space City Con in Houston that we were excited when they asked us to return again this year. Laura and I flew down on Wednesday, joined the celebrity guests of the convention on Thursday for a tour of the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center and then two wonderful days at the convention in the company of incredible fans and guests alike.

There were so many personal highlights for me: seeing and being pictured with the restored Galileo Shuttle from the original Star Trek series (now on display at NASA). Standing again in the Mission Operations Control Room (MOCR — pronounced Moe-ker) where so many of my heroes stood in the past. Seeing Astronaut Mike Fincke again … and meeting the amazing Astronaut Cady Coleman and Astronaut Mike Fossum. Having lunch at NASA while hearing a lecture on their current research into — no kidding — warp drive. (More about that later.) Enjoying a long and fascinating conversation with Gil Gerard on the bus ride to and from NASA. Meeting amazing fans at the convention, playing one of the best Killer Breakfasts ever and then sharing our Sojourner Tales game with everyone as well. We capped it off with a very special Q&A which was deeply meaningful for all of us there.

Below is a glympse of what it was like. Now we are on our way to Gencon Indy … and more great memories!

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