Secrets of the Dragon Booklist Review

We just got word of our Booklist review for Dragonships 2: Secret of the Dragon. Here’s what they had to say about the book which is premiering on March 13th:

“The second volume in a classic war-of-the-gods saga proves Weis and Hickman’s total mastery of elements including hero Skylan—not totally admirable even if he is on the side of the old gods—and some exceedingly fine dragons, both living and absent, if not dead. Skylan’s quest for the Five Bones of the Dragon, the key to the war’s outcome, proceeds at a breathtaking pace, with plenty of action and conflict in a world intelligently drawing from old Norse mythology, some of the best action tales ever written. And the ending here is an unblushing cliff-hanger. Enjoy.”

— Roland Green

We hope you will enjoy this new installment in our viking odyssey.

5 thoughts on “Secrets of the Dragon Booklist Review

  1. daniel edmondson says:

    The dragonship’s series is hands down the best novels I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Can’t wait for book three.

  2. i just read the first and second dragonships series and i love them and i hope you come out with a third really soon.

  3. Do you have any news about book 3 of the Dragonships series?

  4. Any plans or time-frame for this to be put on Audio CD like, Bones of the Dragon?

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