Reindeer Gamer and Santa’s Sleigh

A few years ago, Laura and I designed a holiday board game as Christmas gifts for our friends and family. We grew up playing board games with our parents when we were children and found the holidays to be a special time to connect with our own children through the playing of games — and wanted that tradition to continue. This holiday season we decided we wanted to make that same connection available to you.

So we created Reindeer Gamer — a holiday games website –where we can make available family games for the holidays. This year we’re offering that same game we designed for our own family and friends; Santa’s Sleigh Ride. (Come enjoy the video for the game!) Santa has failed his Canadian Sleigh Driver’s License test and must find an elf to be his ‘designated sleigh driver’ until he can get his glasses fixed. It’s a race around the world to see which elf can deliver his presents the fastest — and they’re not above bumping a sleigh or two out of their way to get the job!

‘Santa’s Sleigh Ride’ is a holiday board game which you can download right now for $18 — AND we’ll send you the premium full-color game at no additional cost. The first 100 orders will even have the board signed by us!

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