Reflections on Dragonships

I’ve been rereading both of the first two Dragonships novels in preparation for launching into Book III. It may seem like a strange thing that an author needs to read their own book. Of course, Margaret does the primary writing of the text on nearly all of our joint collaborations and changes often take place in a text during the writing process, so perhaps it may not seem so odd. However, I would point out that I am also in the process of reading my last draft of my own upcoming ‘Drakis’ series on which I did the primary writing of the text. As I said, things do change in the writing and when one is working on a series … well, let’s just say it’s important to remember what you have already said in the story.

It may sound self serving and a bit narcissistic but I’ve thoroughly been enjoying myself back in the world of Skylan, Aylaen and the northern barbarians! It is delightful to know how well the words and world still inspire and delight me. The second book, ‘Secrets of the Dragon’ will not be in your hands until later this year but I can tell you that it will be a great ride … and that I’m very excited now to get started on Book III in earnest!

7 thoughts on “Reflections on Dragonships

  1. When is the Third book in the series going to be released . Really looking foreward to reading it . Jeff

  2. David E. Mize says:

    Hey Tracy,
    Thanks for writing me back last time. Forgot to ask, What is the title of the third book in the Dragonships Series.

    Thanks, keep up the good work and writing

    David E. Mize

  3. Well, the way I pronounce it is rather like ‘Eh-lain’. Hope that helps.

  4. Ok, please help me out. I have actually spent hours mulling over this. HOW do you pronounce Aylaen? 🙂

  5. Michael Brinyark says:

    I enjoyed the first book. It left me with a similar feeling that Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Even though I was familiar with D&D, DoAT kept revealing more and more of the world outside of Solace. Dragonships gave me a glimpse of a bigger world. I look forward to seeing how well this world is crafted.

  6. I really enjoyed the first book and really looking forward to the next two

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