Pick-a-path Musical

This Gencon Convention, my wife Laura, my daughter Tasha and I will be launching a new interactive performance. So, from the people who brought you ‘Killer Breakfast’, may we introduce you to ‘Hickman’s Pick A Path Musical’ — an interactive hour and a half of story and song with the audience determining the course of events.

Change the course of the tale, join the performance on stage or enjoy the show from the audience. Will Johnny Newbie rescue the Convention? Will Lena Larp vanquish the costume judges? Does it all end when the fat dragon sings? You decide in this ALL NEW interactive musical storytelling!

For the last month — and throughout this summer — Laura, Tasha and I will be working to perfect the story paths, write the original music for the score and craft the lyrics. Then all three of us will be performing this new entertainment LIVE at Gencon 2012 for the first time. Which songs are sung — and which course the story takes will be up to the choices players make as they are called up to help fill out the roles during the performance.

This event is already over half sold out so if you want to be one of the lucky few who see the first ever performance of this event then we recommend that you get your tickets while they are still available. Seating is limited and there is no possibility of moving this to a larger venue.

In addition, if you consider our other events:

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