Gencon 2011 Events

We have just submitted the events we will be offering at the Gencon Convention this year in Indianapolis: EVENT DESCRIPTIONS: HICKMAN’S WRITING SEMINAR AND WORKSHOP: Thursday / 5:00 pm (1700 hrs) Tracy Hickman, NYT Best-selling novelist and Laura Hickman, co-author of ‘The Bronze Canticles’ series presents a unique opportunity to writers at Gencon. Participants in […]

Hickman’s Immortals on Kindle

Back in the 1990’s, Laura came to me with a scene she had imagined that would simply not leave her alone. She came to me with it, described it’s dark image to me and asked me what it meant. I then told her that I knew the rest of the story around that scene — […]

Eventide ebooks Now for Kindles, Nook & iPads

Now for your Nook… For all our Nook and iPad friends … we are pleased to announce that Eventide is now also available on Barnes & Nobel in Nookbook epub format. This means that the book is now available as an ebook both at Barnes & Nobel and at in both formats. We hope […]

Eventide … Now on Kindle!

Now you could be reading Eventide in less than a minute… Laura and I are pleased to announce that our first novel in the Dragon’s Bard series — Eventide — is now available at for their Kindle ebook device. This edition is taken from the original text files of the exclusive hardback first-edition printing. […]

Holiday Cheer 2010

PORT OF CALL: Tim Slover’s ‘Comin’ Out fer Christmas’ My good friend and playwright Tim Slover wrote this wonderful piece for his Christmas Party this year — and I just had to share it with you. Yee-ha! The place of board games in our families traditional holiday celebrations is remembered and Tracy and Laura’s ‘Santa’s […]

Rosenstern and Gildencrantz

I’ve been working with Laura on the second novel in the Drakis series — tentatively titled ‘Citadels of the Lost.’ Occasionally, I’ve felt a little lost myself as there were three characters who had come along for the ride from the previous novel. They were members of Urulani’s crew — sea raiders from the southern […]
Santa Hickman at Work

Elves at Work?

We’re feeling in a holiday mood here at the Hickmans — giving away a free, fully-playable download sample of our Santa Sleighride board game so that you can play with our toys before you buy them! We received our first premium boards for our ‘Santa’s Sleigh Ride’ holiday board game last weekend and so I […]
Santa's Sleigh Ride

Reindeer Gamer and Santa’s Sleigh

A few years ago, Laura and I designed a holiday board game as Christmas gifts for our friends and family. We grew up playing board games with our parents when we were children and found the holidays to be a special time to connect with our own children through the playing of games — and […]