I was sworn to silence… but now the secret is out! When my son, Curtis, was a boy, he used to create theme parks for the rest of the family in his bedroom. Then in his teens he began performing magic professionally. As he grew to manhood he even began creating illusions for other magicians […]
  • Dragonlance and Blarney Stones

    It was thirty-three years ago today that my wife and I arrived in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin with our then two children. Our drive had really started four days before when we loaded what little we owned out of our apartment in Logan, Utah onto a moving van and drove south to meet my parents in […]
  • Con Man: Quick … Take My Money!

    OK, I’m not saying that Alan Tudyk and I are close … although he did let me have a booth next to his at Gencon Australia. And I’m not saying that Nathan Fillion and I are BFFs even though he did take a selfie with Laura and I some years ago which I show off […]

Life Reset Button & the Future

THE VOID Rapture Gear “Have you turned it off and on again?” — Roy, ‘The IT Crowd’ I did not know that life had a reset button but now I can tell you that God is the one who gets to push it. My life changed one night when that button was pushed. Before that moment, I was an author, […]

Underworld Ascendant and Me

I’m delighted to announce that I am slated to write a novel in support of Underworld Ascendant, a Kickstarter project currently being funded online. I’ve thoroughly enj Full Story »