Out in the Black

Out in the BlackMargaret Weis first introduced Laura and me to ‘Firefly’ and we’ve been fans of the show ever since. So when Margaret secured the rights to do the role playing game … well, let’s just say it didn’t take long for the two of us to be asking about doing an adventure module for the game.

It was an especially fun journey for me because the entire adventure is designed around an actual frontier town from the 1880’s. My grandmother lived in that town and I can remember listening to her tell the stories from the boom days of the miners, townsfolk and one particular infamous lawman that thrived there until the mine spectacularly collapsed. Nearly all of the stories from that era that I can remember found their way in one form or another into this game … not to mention a few of our favorite characters as well.

‘Out in the Black’ wasn’t my first choice for a title (I’d have preferred ‘Horn Silver’ or ‘Boomtown’ myself) but it had already been set in stone by the time we got involved. Still, ‘Out in the Black’ remains a very personal design for me and a way of honoring my ancestors.

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