Sovereign Stone

Sovereign StoneSovereign Stone was our collaborative effort based on a world by Larry Elmore — and has proved to be one of our most enduring and unusual fantasies.

“The founding parents of the game-tie-in fantasy novel here launch a role-playing-game-related high fantasy trilogy in which game knowledge is irrelevant to reader enjoyment. This is a classic tale of the rivalry of two half-brothers, the sons of King Tamaros of Vinnengael: the virtuous elder Helmos and the frustrated and ambitious young Dagnarus. Along the way, Dagnarus wins the friendship and loyalty of his whipping boy, Gareth, who in due course trains as a mage and adept in forbidden Void magic, dangerous to the user but deadly to the user’s enemies. Shortly after King Tamaros believes that he has made peace among the four races (human, dwarves, elves and orken), Dagnarus and Gareth together begin to undo all the king’s work, unleashing a war of all against all made even worse by the lethal Void magic and the rivalries of potentates, particularly human and elven. This is a story assembled from archetypical elements, all at least slightly touched with originality. Dagnarus is a thug but also a heroic soldier, and his elven lover prefers to become one of the Void-spawned undead Vrykyl rather than be parted from him. Elven political institutions irresistibly recall the Tokugawa era of Japan.The dwarves are not metal-working troglodytes but horse archers, living light and traveling fast.” — Publisher’s Weekly

2 thoughts on “Sovereign Stone

  1. Read the series along with the short stories – loved it! I found this series very refreshing after plowing through a lot of Dragonlance and was surprised by the difference in the two. Not to say I don’t cherish and love Dragonlance as well, but this series struck me as unique and different from the typical fantasy-medieval cliche. There are very strong, likeable, characters in the Sovereign Stone who I grew attached to while reading and I wonder if I will see more of them? I understand Dragonlance is a much older series, whereas this is more recent, but I truly hope you revisit the world of Loerem. All in all, very well written series and one can clearly see that it was written by brilliant authors. It saddens me when I read a good series these days and it is ended poorly, but this is not the case with the Sovereign Stone and it was well thought out – cheers!

  2. Sorry I didn’t put this in my other post, but have you ever tried to work with video game companies? They could use some help since they don’t seem to want to have dragons you cam fight against in RPGs, or any great fanasty elements. Don’t get me wrong I love video games but the rpg genre needs help. I think it would be a great way to get your novels to a new audience. This generation doesn’t play d&d they play Warcraft. I don’t know how you feel about video games but it was great for Tom Clancy and your stories would make amazing games and your worlds would be perfect for it since some of them already are. It would prolly be easier than a movie deal and you wouldn’t have to worry about fanboys crying cause the director did something with raistlin

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