Rose of the Prophet

Rose of the ProphetThe world of Sularin is ruled by twenty gods, different in aspect but equal in power. But a war rages in the heavens, one that will affect the gods, the mortals, the immortal beings who serve them both. It is a tale of romance and magic, blending epic fantasy with Arabian adventure. Khardan, Calif of a horse-riding tribe and Zhora, princess of a sheep-herding people must put aside their own differences–with the help of a young spellcaster named Mathew from across the sea–before the fabled Rose of the Prophet blooms.

Originally published almost twenty years ago, the Rose of the Prophet Trilogy has been collected and restored with a new introduction by the authors! Brought back into print with new art by Larry Elmore and restored interior images, this edition of the Rose of the Prophet Trilogy will delight Weis & Hickman fans both old and new.

6 thoughts on “Rose of the Prophet

  1. Re-reading this series now. Really great, well-told story.

  2. Loved these books in my teens when they were first published. Also loved the dragonlance and darksword trilogies. I think this was my second favorite series after dragonlance.

  3. These were my favorite books when i was younger, and I still enjoy re-reading them. I only found a set of them at a used bookstore this year after not having seen them for about 5 or 6 years. My only regret is that the ending is very abrupt. Apart from that one of my best reads.

  4. I have just finished reading the Rose of the Prophet series. I really enjoyed reading the books, they kept me wanting read more and was sorry when I finished reading them. Brillient books

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