by Tracy Hickman

Drakis is an Impress Warrior — a battle slave — in an obscure Elven household on the all but forgotten frontiers of the Rhonas Empire. He is a human; a rare thing in a world where humanity itself is all but extinct. But when a mysterious dwarf shatters the spell that enthralls the household slaves their world is shattered as well — and Drakis finds himself drawn toward a prophesied destiny that may — or may not — be his and which he will do anything to avoid.

Song of the Dragon Cover ArtBook 1: Song of the Dragon

(July 2010)

Drakis returns from the War of the Nineth Throne — the last of the great dwarven wars — with a prize for his elven master: a strange dwarven bard and a stone which the dwarf claims to be the greatest treasure of all the kingdoms. He hopes that this prize will win him his hearts desire: pairing with his beloved Mala, a human female slave in their master’s household.

But the dwarf tells Drakis that his life is a lie: that the elven devotions held each night hide from his mind every bad thing that happened to him during the day … and keeping him a contented slave forever. When Drakis is nearly beaten to death by his master and then suffers even worse abuse by his daughter — all predicted with horrifying accuracy by the dwarf — Drakis begins to question the very devotions that are at the heart of elven life. But it is only when the dwarf destroys the well of house magic that the spell collapses…

…And suddenly every slave in the household — from lowest cook to the trained warriors of the household cohort — suddenly REMEMBERS.

Thus begins the odyssey of Drakis, an escaped slave, who discovers that his name is at the heart of a prophesy that threatens the existence of the oppressive Rhonas Empire itself. Yet as destiny seems to close in on Drakis from every turn, he himself tries desperately to avoid fate.

You can view a larger version of the cover here.

Book 2 is tentatively titled: Citadels of the Lost. Book 3 is tentatively titled ‘Blood of the Emperor.’

6 thoughts on “Drakis

  1. Dennis Frank says:

    Whn will book 2 of the Drkis series be out?

  2. Spencer Phillips says:

    I so far really enjoy “Song of the Dragon”, however I have to wonder if this is related to the Bronze series, and if so, is it before or after the events in Bronze? (Warning: Spoilers) Your timeline shows humans are dragons allying, it could be that the bronze happened prior to Drakis when the humans were messing with the Aether and stuff, but then that would conflict with the whole Faery/goblin invasion despite matching well otherwise. If Bronze happens after Drakis, then it matches the whole fallen empire thing, but what happens to the Elves and manticores and etc.? Do they shatter the worlds into three with different factions on each? Dragons + Humans + Dwarves, Monsters + Elves, and The Little People so that each world balances? (The Monsters + Elves sort of balance because they all love war and think they’re right, Dragons + Humans + Dwarves balance because they can cooperate but like to be left alone, The Little People balance because they’re no longer being abuse by the higher races). Please email me, it would be easier than checking the website.

  3. I thought the novel was exceptional. I was hooked from the beginning with the battle action and the creative concept of human ‘proxies’ as conduits for the elven aether magic and transport portals. Brilliant! I am looking forward to the next in the series and have finally ordered the rest the Death Gate Cycle after being reminded of the amazing quality of your work. Thank you for using your talent to create such enjoyable books.

    Dennis S.

  4. Any chance i could read an excerpt of the book. Id like to get a feel of the book first 😉

  5. Wow this was a great book, it seems there where more pages in it then it looks. It’s also a little twisted…. I mean with what has happened to Mala and all although I do want to know what happened to Soen… He’s becoming a very interesting character and probably one of my favorites right up there with Rastlin over all. Anyways, can’t wait till the sequel keep up the great work.

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