Annotated LegendsSince I was a boy, I have been fascinated with all forms of Speculative Fiction … primarily science-fiction and fantasy. It is no wonder, then, that the majority of my work has been in writing in this genre … and to enjoy taking these journeys with you.

These are some of my major works…

Dragonships (with Margaret Weis)
Dragonlance (with Margaret Weis)
Bronze Canticles (with Laura Hickman)
Starcraft: Speed of Darkness
Sovereign Stone (with Margaret Weis & Larry Elmore)
Starshield (with Margaret Weis)
Deathgate Cycle (with Margaret Weis)
Darksword Trilogy (With Margaret Weis)
Rose of the Prophet (With Margaret Weis)

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5 thoughts on “Novels

  1. Brian Taylor says:

    Just wanted to say hello and looking forward to starting some of your works with my two sons. I had always wanted to start reading your books and had many friends who are big fans. I was lucky enough to have your Dad as a professor at NAU and he may have mentioned you in a class or two. I was fortunate that he made sure I remained focused and graduated from NAU. I entered NAU as a 23 year old junior who was given a second chance from his parents to get back into college and Dr. Hickman made sure I made the most of that opportunity. Even to the point to pointing me in the direction of taking the LSAT and looking at law school.
    Although I did not take that path I did however pursue a master’s degree in computer information systems. His great concern and care in mentoring his students has lead to me being gainfully employed since the day I graduated. I am glad to see almost 20 years since I attended NAU you are still experiencing great success. All the best in the future as well.

  2. Dorrie Hesley says:

    I just wanted to say how much of a impact you made on me with your Dragonlance Series. I can’t find enough of them to continue to read, so I end up reading them over and over. I have never had a book captivate me as much as these do. I cry when someone I care about in the book dies. (my husband makes fun of me) I continue to look for more books that goes farther into this wonderful world. Just wanted to give you a huge Thank You! You are AWSOME!

  3. Nathan Rhodes says:

    You have had an amazing effect on my life I contribute your books to memory and have over 60 novels from the Dragonlance Saga. When I was sixteen, I found the only books that interested me were yours. This not only improved my vocab but my spelling as well. To this day they are the only books I continue to read(easily the 15th time) and enjoy. As I am, a parent and teacher, I know now the importance of reading and the love it can give you.
    Thank-you and please pass this to Margaret

  4. I’m looking for Secret of the Dragon (Vindras series) on Audio book. Every site I go to says it was discontinued by the publisher; where can I get it!!? What foul trickery is this, anyway? I know a spell that would get those publishers to rethink their stance-firebomb…no wait, furball, sounds right…or does it? Never mind, I know who to call, his name is James…

  5. I am currently reading Starcraft Speed Of Darkness. It is a really good book in my opinion. And you getting this opinion from a fifteen year old. Excuse my grammar if its all that bad.

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