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  1. I remember reading the first of the bronze canticles series when I was in tenth grade… you were still writing the works and I had just begun reading the second when I moved and returned that book to the library, since then I had always meant to read back up on the series once it was complete and I had long since forgotten the titles of those books and how to find them until recently and now I have ordered the whole set again for my personal collection to re read the works. I believe them to be a sort of masterpiece worthy of becoming films and video games in today’s market. It would be an extraordinary film trilogy I am sure with the technology that we have available today. One small step for Tracy and Laura Hickman, one giant leap for the entertainment world. Keep up the good work.

  2. i remember when you came to the salt lake city library, that you were promoting ur upcoming novel, mystic warrior, book 1 of bronze canticles.

    you mentioned that there was plans in the works of making an RPG base on the upcoming trilogy, i finally own all 3 books, and amd rereading book one so i can read the other 2, but i have noticed that there is, as yet, no RPG based on the books, and i remember you said that it would be a bit like how the wheel of time RPG was based on the books at the current time.

    im wondering if you still have plans on releasing the table top RPG of bronze canticles, or if its been canned?

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