New! Drakis Trilogy

by Tracy Hickman

Drakis is an Impress Warrior — a battle slave — in an obscure Elven household on the all but forgotten frontiers of the Rhonas Empire. He is a human; a rare thing in a world where humanity itself is all but extinct. But when a mysterious dwarf shatters the spell that enthralls the household slaves their world is shattered as well — and Drakis finds himself drawn toward a prophesied destiny that may — or may not — be his and which he will do anything to avoid.


Book 1: Song of the Dragon

(July 2010)

Drakis returns from the War of the Nineth Throne — the last of the great dwarven wars — with a prize for his elven master: a strange dwarven bard and a stone which the dwarf claims to be the greatest treasure of all the kingdoms. He hopes that this prize will win him his hearts desire: pairing with his beloved Mala, a human female slave in their master’s household.

But the dwarf tells Drakis that his life is a lie: that the elven devotions held each night hide from his mind every bad thing that happened to him during the day … and keeping him a contented slave forever. When Drakis is nearly beaten to death by his master and then suffers even worse abuse by his daughter — all predicted with horrifying accuracy by the dwarf — Drakis begins to question the very devotions that are at the heart of elven life. But it is only when the dwarf destroys the well of house magic that the spell collapses…

…And suddenly every slave in the household — from lowest cook to the trained warriors of the household cohort — suddenly REMEMBERS.

Thus begins the odyssey of Drakis, an escaped slave, who discovers that his name is at the heart of a prophesy that threatens the existence of the oppressive Rhonas Empire itself. Yet as destiny seems to close in on Drakis from every turn, he himself tries desperately to avoid fate.

Available in Hardback. Paperback available July 5th, 2011.

Citadels of the Lost

(July 5th, 2011)

The latest novel in the “enthralling” (Midwest Book Review) Annals of Drakis fantasy epic.

The fates of Drakis, former slave warrior of the elven empire of Rhonas, and Soen, former Inquisitor of the Iblisi, are inexorably tied to the magic of Aether-lifeblood of the elven empire and the cause of humanity’s fall. As each searches for the truth beyond legends, he must face his own destiny: Drakis amid the ruins of humanity’s Lost Citadels; Soen in a desperate race to seize control of the farthest Aether Well of the empire…

Available July 5th, 2011

Book 3 is tentatively titled ‘Blood of the Emperor.’

62 thoughts on “New! Drakis Trilogy

  1. Jonathon Kettler says:

    These are among the most riveting books I have read! Drakis is a very believable character who seems to find the prophecies keep coming true and they are all about him! The imagery, the emotion, will keep you enthralled chapter after chapter! Mr. Hickman’s greatest compliment is for us all begging to get our hands on the next book! BTW…when IS the third book coming out!?!?! I can’t stand it anymore! 😀

  2. I listened to the first book on audio; what a treat! It kept me engrossed for many, many hours of driving, so much that I just HAD to buy the 2nd book when it came out. Very much looking forward to the third book.

    Tracy, you said it would be finished in February? When when it be available on line or in the stores?

    Best regards, Scott S.

  3. Matthew Belanger says:

    Very, very enjoyable. For once the Elves are the masters of the world and Humans are the slaves. Very different and excellent, in my mind. Dragonlance was amazing and I expected no less from this new work. Love the character of Drakis and look forward to getting the third book when it comes out. I must say the works of Tracy Hickman are very inspiring. Apologies for the long comment, but had to express my opinion. Thanks!

  4. JUST CANT WAIT FOR BOOK #3!!!!!! Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman are 2 of my favorite authors!!!

  5. Great series so far 4 days to read the first two, can’t wait till the third. Have been a big fan since Dragonlance books.

  6. Mavis Sparrow says:

    I know it was announced a Trilogy of Drakis…but why to authors keep dragging these books out…come on…A GOOD BOOK IS ONE YOU CAN FINISH BEFORE YOU DIE

    • I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying. I certainly WILL finish the Drakis series before I die … next month in fact. I believe I will last far beyond that point in time since I have contract commitments through next year and my publisher will not allow otherwise, let alone my wife.

  7. I will begin reading the first book tonight but I have read some bad reviews because the elves are evil. Tracy Hickman is a great writer along with Margaret Weis an I for one look towards to reading this book.

  8. loved the first two books of the annals of drakis, cant wait for the third one! just finised secert of the dragon cant wait for the next one, love your work sincerly aaron smolen

  9. Just finished reading the first book! I must say that it captivated me! Amazing writing! I will find and read the 2nd of the series. And patiently await book number three!

  10. Great series sir.
    Just finished the 2nd book and looking forward to your 3rd.

    I’ve read almost all the major fantasy series thus far and I have to say that this is a breath of fresh air.

    Not a flabbergasted play of volumes of “words” to fill mediocre pages such as descended the pages of late: George R. R. Martin’s series.

    Thank you.

  11. Look Forward to book 3, It has been a totally Awesome Series as of yet so far!!! Please Keep up the great work good sir!

  12. When will book 3 be coming out?

    • I’ll be working on book III of Drakis this fall … with an expected release date of summer 2012.

      • I read book 1 and rushed to get Book 2!!!! I have about 10 pages to go and trying not to finish BEFORE Book 3 comes! LOL. But not going to happen, I need to know what those last pages say! lol Anywho!! Can’t wait for NUMBER 3!!!!

  13. I loved book 1, I loved Book 2 even more, An whats funny I discovered an red book 2 first, went back an bought book 1 , an wow I am LOVE this story line SO MUCH! I cant wait for Book 3, I’m reading other good stories but wow this Story an how great the writing is just Blows me away!

  14. Jeffrey Hall says:

    Just gotta say that I loved books one and two of the Drakis Series. I cant wait for the 3rd and final installment, do you have a projected date of publishing yet?

  15. Buddee White says:

    Mr. Hickman,

    Thank you. I just finished book one, so i decided to look up when the next was out……. convenient, It is out already. I am going to pick it up first thing in the morning. The way you make each individual character stand out is awsome, Mala + Drakis = SOMETHING GOOD ( I Hope) 🙂

    Thanks for the amazing books.


  16. Joshua Dershem says:

    I stumbled across The Annals of Drakis: Book 1 by accident in the New Book section of my local library. I’ll be honest, at first, I wasn’t to into the story. I wasn’t sure if I liked the book starting with a mass battle like that. I have never been happier to be proven how wrong I was. By the time I finished the book (which was litterally 5 mins ago!), I immedietally jonsing for the next book and started searching out whatever info I could find. I’m happy to see I won’t have to wait long. Only thing that’d make that better is having it come out on the 8th instead of the 5th. That would be an awesome birthday present. Hopefully book 3 won’t be to difficult for you to put to paper. Good luck with it and if you have any other suggestions for my next book of yours to read, I’ll gladly thank you!

  17. loved the new book about Drakis. I can’t wait for the next one. Darn it was over to quick.

  18. Barry Hodge says:

    This is the first of your books that I have read and nearing the end I just want to to turn page after page.

    Thank you.

    I am here to find out how long I will have to wait until the next and thankfully it appears not to be long.

  19. Came across the cover for the second book on Amazon. It looks amazing. A Dragon coming out of what looks like a portal. Brilliant! Two more months, argh!

  20. I just finished the book and love it. I am looking forward to the next book.

  21. That is fantastic news Mr. Hickman. I can’t wait to read the next book on a sunny day in the woods behind my house.

  22. Rod Rodriguez says:

    I just finished “Song Of The Dragon” and loved it from the first page to the last. When does book 2 come out?!

  23. Thank you Mr. Hickman. That would truly be amazing. 🙂

  24. Read book one last summer. Not sure I can wait till july for the second. Any chance for early release? Though, I may just have too.

  25. Drakis Kier says:

    Well, this is a bit of a suprise! i google the online name i have used since 1999, and find that same name is in use in a new novel!

    im not upset, nor am i claiming copyrights or anything, just suprised.

    The name Drakis Kier was the name of a dragon i created in AD&D back in the 90’s, Drakis of the Kier clan. When i moved into playing games online, i used it as my online name, and have been using it ever since…

    i might have to buy this series to check it out…

  26. Please give us some new info about the 2nd book. I cannot wait for it, I need it now.

    I read the first one in an evening, I couldn’t put it down. I had to make a choice between eating and reading, the book won. 🙂

  27. I loved Song of the Dragon and cannot wait until the next one comes out do we have any tentitive dates yet?

  28. Love your books. Trying to patiently wait for Book 2 of drakis Trilogy. Wondering when it will be coming out.

  29. Amazon doesn’t have a way to preorder…Tracy and Laura – please don’t torture us much longer….give us Book 2 of the Song of the Dragon, pretty please.

  30. My son has already preordered Book #2 from They have the title as title=”Citadel of the Lost: The Annals of Drakil”, with a release date of July 1, 2011. Ray is a remarkably patient guy, but I do ask that you keep to that release date! (Not to put any pressure on you….) ps, Pvt. Archibold, God bless you and your mates. Thank you all for what you do, and come home safe!

  31. Pvt. Archbold says:

    Great book. Great cliffhanger too ol, hope your next one will be out by the time i get back frm iraq. I’d put u right up there with tolkien, paolini, and the like.

    ps, have u come up with a title for no. 2 yet?

  32. I too enjoyed the new book Song of Drakis. Also interested when 2nd book will be released. I’m an old guy and do not want to miss it!!!

  33. Mr. Hickman, I’ve wandered through Krynn starting with the first book (and AD&D module), and with 10 or so of my closest friends, have spend countless hours running the entire series – not to mention reading the books… As I listen the SotD, I can’t help but remember those fantastic stories and make the inevitable comparisons. Grittier, more “real”, and more…well, human, than Dragonlance, this series promises to be every bit as exciting and riviting as DL was. I can’t wait for the next book, not only in print but in Audible. Though you may not have much, if any say, over the readers Audible uses, please impress (forgive me for that) upon them to use the same reader – Phil Gigante. He’s very good (IMHO). Thanks for new memories! 🙂

  34. Thank you for reminding me why I love this genre. Your song of the dragon was mesmerizing and now I find myself with the unenviable reality of waiting for your second book. Riveting engrossing. Thank you again.

  35. WOW, this book is amazing. It brings a new twist of plot lines to a wonderful genre that has been plagued with more of the same.

    BRAVO… The only issue I have with this book, is I read it too soon after release! Now I have to wait for the next one!

  36. Sounds great, reading everything there is. But I always have to wait for the translations to Dutch so I’m a few years behind 😛

  37. more than half way through the book and it’s everything i could wish for; my thanks to you for a very fine book. i will find it hard to wait for the next annal of drakis. is it possible to learn the date of the nest release?

  38. I must have the second, I would love to review it for you. PLEASE at least release it soon, the first was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Just finish and can hardly wait for the next book in series. It is fun hard to put down unless your a slow and savory reader like me you must get some sleep.

  40. First of i’m a big fan of the dragonlance books, and now a fan of the dragonship series and the drakis books. I just finished reading this, i can’t wait for the next one. Could we have a hint on when the next one for this trilogy will be out?

  41. I just finished the book and it was great… want to know when you expect to have the 2nd book out?

  42. Very impressed that you take the time to answer and respond to the comments here. I believe your books will inspire a new generation of Fantasy fiction fans as Tolkien inspired the previous one. Your collaborations are nothing short of amazing. Thanks again for taking the time for your fans.

  43. when is your next book coming out. I loved your first. please write more.

  44. Loved the winding tale of the first book! The incredible depth to it was amazing I can’t wait for the second part to come out!

  45. When is part two due to be released? I’m really looking forward to reading it. Excellent beginning. thank you

  46. I do love your books, most especially the Death Gate Cycle and am looking forward to this one. Just wondering though, is there a reason or is it coincidence that so many of your series and books have the word “dragon” in their titles?

  47. I have just read the Songof the Dragon and i can not wait for the next book. It is one of the pit falls of getting to find a book that you can completly lose your self in, but you have to wait for the next to come out to lose you self back into the story again.

  48. I feel really stupid for asking but where is Drakis from, is he new or is this from an older series. Off topic I never thought I’d get the chance to say this,but thank kyou Mr Hickman for the Immortals, I pass that book along as much as I can to anyone who will listen. I’m looking into buy the Bronze Cangticles as I type this.

    • Thank you, Marcelino! That ‘The Immortals’ touched you means a lot to me.

      As for Drakis, it is a new series which starts this July. I think you’ll really like this one.

  49. Michael Brinyark says:

    Looking forward to this one. Glad to see Laura and you with a new trilogy. I enjoyed The Bronze Canticles. Is the cover art by Stawicki?

  50. Fixed the link! Enjoy!

  51. i clicked on the link above for a larger view of the cover and it said the web page cannot be found.

  52. This sounds awesome! Any chance of a preview?

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