Lakota Dragons Lightning Gun

In the just for fun department…

The Garrett & Boulter Arms Company in Boston, MA began development of a practical dragon-slaying weapon at the direction of the War Department in 1886. The first practical application weapon to emerge was the ‘Dragonslayer’ although it quickly became known on the frontier by its more common name — ‘The Lightning Gun.

A 50,000 volt plasma discharge weapon that could be carried by both Air Cavalry and regular troops, it featured an interchangeable charge drum held in a rotating frame and discharging through a variable focus lens. It was capable of felling a dragon from over a hundred yards when properly aimed. Possession of the weapon was restricted by two separate acts of congress though this did not prevent it from becoming one of the most sought-after trade items on the frontier.

Now you, too, can own this legendary weapon … or at least a replica of it … thanks to Worldworks Games and the design talents of Denny Unger. This is a full-scale replica of a gun that will be featured in a series of ‘Dime-novel Western Fantasy’ stories currently being designed by Tracy and Laura

Download and review the full assembly instructions

…and then visit the Worldworks Games website to purchase your own downloadable Hickman Lightning Gun parts templates for $10.00 US!

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  1. Cant’ wait to see the finished product. It looks awesome!

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