Hickman’s Immortals on Kindle

Back in the 1990’s, Laura came to me with a scene she had imagined that would simply not leave her alone. She came to me with it, described it’s dark image to me and asked me what it meant. I then told her that I knew the rest of the story around that scene — and told it to her on the spot. In that moment, that story become my own obsession.

The story was published as ‘The Immortals’ — and become for me one of the most important journeys which I would take personally into writing. It first saw print in 1996.

Now, I am pleased to announce our own Kindle version of this story available right now from Amazon.com. This new version was crafted by my own hand, includes the original artwork and the cover created by myself.

It represents the second of our titles to be put on Amazon.com — the first being our special edition of the first Dragon’s Bard novel: Eventide. Eventide is crafted from the exact text as the exclusive, limited-edition printing that we did just a few months ago for collectors. We know you’ll enjoy both these books.

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