Forum for Creativity

It’s time we talked … or at least time we enter into a conversation!

Laura and I are proud to introduce our shiny new forums right here on our Tracy Hickman website. While we have administered forums specifically for our Scribe’s Forge authors and our subscribers in our Dragon’s Bard series … as well as our Xtreme Dungeon Mastery friends … we decided it was time to open up the floor to all your questions about our worlds, works, creative life and projects. This way we can answer your questions about our various (and multiple) endeavors, including our Scribe’s Forge writing seminars, workshops and our publishing program or our Dragon’s Bard series of exclusive, limited-edition novels from our own private printings.

Anyone can read the entries on our forums and all you have to do is log in to the site in order to post your questions. We personally administer these forums so there are a few ground rules. While we strongly encourage discourse and debate — and want everyone’s views to be expressed — we believe that disagreement needs to remain in the realm of ideas and persuasion. Convince us with your reason and your thoughts if you can … but bad language, hate-speech or personal disparagement are grounds for being banished to your room and away from our kitchen table … or forums. Be respectful of others here and you’ll be respected. Try usingĀ  a flamethrower and your existence will not be acknowledged again. Laura and I are nice folks and we expect you to behave in our house accordingly.

If there is a group or a forum topic that you feel needs to be included, then feel free to post it here in the Forum Suggestion Box. We’ll be happy to oblige you as best we can. And, of course, answer your questions, too.

That said, let the posting begin!


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