Eye of the Dragon: An Adventure 30 Years in the Making


Three decades after creating the classic Dragonlance setting, there remained one adventure that Tracy and Laura Hickman had never been completed. Now, thanks to four determined patrons, that final fantasy adventure is going to become a reality.

Tracy and Laura have been commissioned to complete ‘Eye of the Dragon’, the unfinished adventure module that had originally been intended to be the sequel to their ‘Rahasia’ and ‘Pharaoh’ modules. Originally self-published in the late 1970s, the original ‘Rahasia’ and ‘Pharaoh’ were photocopied by the Hickmans personally, hand assembled in their apartment and shrink-wrapped at the bakery of a local food chain. These originals, produced before Tracy won a position at TSR, Inc. and key to his getting a job as a game designer, have become ultra-rare collectors’ items.

The covers for ‘Eye of the Dragon’ had been produced with just a little over thirty of them remaining today, but when Tracy was plunged into design work full time at TSR, Inc. the design for the game was never completed. Instead, Tracy adopted elements from the game design as foundations for another project he was spearheading inside the company: Dragonlance. Intended to be the third adventure in the ‘Nightventure’ series, the original design notes for the module were lost until recently when Laura discovered all of the papers in an envelope buried in a box in their basement.

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[/s2If]Now, thanks to the support of a determined group of anonymous patrons, Tracy and Laura will be celebrating 30 years of Dragonlance by producing – exclusively for their patrons – thirty copies of ‘Eye of the Dragon’. Each will be created in the same style and look as the original ‘Rahasia’ and ‘Pharaoh’ modules and each will feature the actual covers produced back in the 1970s. Each of this extremely limited edition will also be assemble by hand by Tracy and Laura on their kitchen table before being distributed – with letters of provenance – to each of our patrons.

“There is no better way to celebrate 30 years of Dragonlance,” Tracy said, “than to finish the unfinished adventure that was the beginning of it all.”

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