Eventide ebooks Now for Kindles, Nook & iPads

Now for your Nook…

For all our Nook and iPad friends … we are pleased to announce that Eventide is now also available on Barnes & Nobel in Nookbook epub format.

This means that the book is now available as an ebook both at Barnes & Nobel and at Amazon.com in both formats. We hope that you’ll take time and visit both sites … leave a review of the book … and pick up your own ebook copy if you wish for $9.95 US.

We’re doing our best to get this story to you in as beautiful a form as possible. Let us know if you have any problems with either rendition of Eventide.

3 thoughts on “Eventide ebooks Now for Kindles, Nook & iPads

  1. Hi Tracy: For the next book subscription will individual chapters be distributed in Nook ebook format as well as PDF? Just curious as I am debating getting a subscription for my wife. Um…brings up a second question. Can I gift subscriptions?
    John T>

  2. Good morning. I enjoyed listening to you with Michael and Michael on Dragon Page Cover to Cover. I wanted you to know I found a glitch with the Nook Color. I was using its web browser and used your link to Eventide on Barnes and Noble. I downloaded the sample through the Nook browser instead of using the usual Wi-Fi download. The sample didn’t show up on my Nook. I had to go to my notebook PC, download it and then load it on the Nook so I could see it. I really liked the sample, so I intend to buy it. I guess the smart thing to do would be to delete the sample so it won’t interfere with the purchased copy. Sound OK to you?


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