Drakis on its way!

Early this morning, I woke up with the last few chapters of ‘Song of the Dragon’ waiting for me. Reading through this story again got me excited yet again about this story of Drakis — an insignificant slave of the mighty Rhonas elven empire and his amazing flight toward a destiny that he wants desperately to avoid.

The Rhonas Imperium rules the known world with an iron, elven fist. It’s slaves are kept in thrall through nightly House Devotions — a magical process where every bad memory from the day is repressed and replaced by pleasant ones. The elven wars of conquest are even fought by ‘Impress Warriors’ — slave soldiers trained to forget everything but their devotion to the Imperial Will. But when the spell in Drakis’ Master’s house is shattered — he and his fellow warriors are suddenly and catastrophically brought to remember the terrible treatment they have received under the sadistic house master — and are soon on the run from imperial forces who are desperate to enslave him once again.

Once again I was thrilled with the characters of this journey: Soen, the elven Inquisitor of the Iblisi who is hunting the fleeing slaves and, in turn, is being hunted by his own Order; Jugar the Dwarven Jester whose truth is far darker and more sinister than anyone suspects; Ethis the Chimerian who can change his form in unexpected way … Mala, Urulani, Belag the Manticore and the mysterious Lyric. It’s been a delight to visit with them again.

So I’m excited to get this book back to the publisher tomorrow and bring this wonderful journey one step closer to you!

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