Virtual Appearances

You’re club, hobby game store or convention could really get a boost if Tracy Hickman were to make a personal appearance but you just cannot afford to fly him in, pay his fees and put him up in a nice hotel.

Then consider a Virtual Appearance!

appearanceLIVE & DIRECT from Tracy Hickman’s office … It’s Hickman’s Event Extravaganza!

For a single fee and at a small fraction of his usual appearance cost, you can have Tracy Hickman appear at your book club, hobby store event or local convention via a LIVE feed over the internet. He will interact DIRECTLY with you and your audience through his HD webcam situated in his writing office. And he will work with you in advance to determine the subject of his appearance, will take questions from you and your audience and respond in real time.

Your virtual appearance extravaganza includes either one ninety-minute session or two separate 45-minute sessions which may be booked on separate days if you wish. Tracy will work with you to insure that his appearance addresses the theme of your event.

All you will need to do to secure Tracy Hickman’s appearance will be to:

  1. INPUT A DATE OF YOUR EVENT IN THE APPROPRIATE FIELD BELOW: This will be the date you are requesting for Tracy to appear. NOTE: Tracy does not make appearances on Sunday as a matter of personal conviction. Please select a date for his appearance that does not fall on Sunday.
  2. PAY FOR THE APPEARANCE VIA PAYPAL USING THE LINK BELOW: The date will be forwarded as part of your purchase. He will then contact you directly regarding this date and the available times to schedule his appearance. PAYMENT LOCKS IN THE DATE FOR HIS APPEARANCE. If another appearance book earlier conflicts with your date, your payment will be fully refunded. Once the date is approved by Tracy then you may announce and advertise his appearance. Be sure to clearly state that his appearance will be via a personal webcam link to your event.
  3. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REQUIRED TECHNOLOGY AT YOUR EVENT: You will need a broad-band internet connection capable of transmitting and receiving Skype, equipment to display the feed to your audience (monitor or projection screen) as well as microphone and sound. Tracy will participate in set up events to test the connection as part of his appearance fee and, therefore, at no additional charge.

Contact Tracy at this email address if you have any questions about these virtual appearances.

Hickman’s Online Extravaganza: $412 US

Book it now … and lock in your date.

Hickman’s Event Extravaganza

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