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41 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I came across a couple of your books, The Annals of Drakis, by mere fortune at the disembowelment of my favorite literary establishments, Borders. I must say that I greatly appreciate your depiction of elves. Instead of being breathtaking creatures for their beauty, they have become breathtaking in the most opposite ways. I really enjoyed soaking the story in.

    I am glad I stumbled upon these little gems. I eagerly await the 3rd book’s release into the wild arms of the world of literature.

    Also, if you ever give in to the movie makers, I would like to submit a request that you look to your fan-base for actors, as we will not make a mockery of your work like other famous books have been subjected to.

  2. Not sure where to turn with this. I’ve been reading, surfing and studying the concept of Middle Earth wizards. I have found two Blue Wizards, one Brown Wizard, one Gray (turned White) Wizard and one White Wizard. Has the classifications of wizards been previously established and by whom? Are there other levels of wizards? How does a wizard advance or is advancement solely at the discretion of the Father of All (I forgot his name)?

    I figured with your background, in Middle Earth, you would be a good source for a basic primer on wizards, or at least a guide to where I could search.



    • I may have begun answering my own question. After 6 months following the reading of Chapter one of The Silmarillion, I decided to pick it up again and begin reading Chapter 2… and beyond. Not sure where it will take me and it gets a little tedious, but I’m picking up some odd vibes regarding the similarities with the scriptural references to the pre-Earth existance.

      Most excellent!


    • Jay, I do not believe there has ever been any official classification of wizards by a rainbow or any other system of which I am aware.

  3. Dan Giullian says:


    I am a local fan, living here in Provo as I complete my degree from BYU. I have been hoping to find a nice copy of the legends and chronicles series in hardback, without remainder marks and even signed if possible.

    I am kicking myself for missing the Utah book festival here on campus, because one of my friends said that you were there! Is there a way that i could order signed copies of those books from you, or are you going to be making appearences at any other festivals that aren’t terribly far away?

    I am not sure if you get lots of requests like this, or if you publish which festivals you will be attending etc…but I ought I would at least try asking. Thanks for writing such re-readable, enjoyable books!


  4. Jake Calder Burby says:

    Just wanted to give a quick thanks Tracy for the fantastic info and education you offered this weekend at Conduit in SLC! Thanks for sharing, and can’t wait to jump into Scribe’s Forge, and of course, XDM!

  5. Just wanted to let a fellow MarLonite know that we will be having a 50th Anniversary Celebration on April 26th from 6PM-8PM. It is Open House style and we would love to see all past students return for a visit!

  6. Hello!

    I just wanted to say that I have read and loved all the books you and Margaret Weis have wrote in the Dragon Lance and Death hand.
    I was recently searching the fiction section at a local book store and came across “The Immortals.”
    Although I found it kind of funny that Margaret Weis had the critic on the front, I still decided to give it a read.
    I must say that I loved the book. It was clever and with all the “Text in” voting we have going on at the moment the alternate reality you created was all too real.
    Just wanted to say I loved it and to tell you to keep on writing!

  7. Michael Breen says:

    Hi! I’m a mormon, and i’m a deacon. Your books are really great, and I love DragonLance. I wish you could right some more about Tas. (Burfoot)

  8. Steven Benner says:

    Do you still have a copy of your pre-TSR Rahasia and Pharaoh? I came accross mine and had to laugh at all the great little bits of “Hickmanesque” humor that never made it into the TSR version (XDM has them aplenty I’m sure). Looks like you are doing well. We think of you guys often, and fondly.

  9. Hello,
    i’m from italy, i think dragonlance is the best saga that i ever read. I’m a player/master of d&d, i love all the book relased for the 3.5 edition, i have them all. So i want to ask you a question, the dragonlance saga will appear in the new edition of d&d(4ed) or the “team” is intrested to work with the “new” gdr pathfinder.
    Thanks for you attention and sorry for my poor english.


  10. Christopher Stewart says:

    Hi Tracy,
    I have a problem as was looking for advice, I have a complete 124k fantasy novel, but no agent seems to want to either take it or bring it to publishers that require agents Random house Penguin Orbit, and the such like, I don’t want to publish it only in the us and I am learning disabled I need an agent and editor to help me. Could you give me a recmondation so that an agent might take it more seriously or help me in any way.
    Thank you for your time
    always “Ged” “jutter Caine” Christopher

  11. hi, i read the dragonlance chronicles vol. 1, 2, and 3 and fell in love with the story! a aquired also the dragonlance legeds trilogy, the war of souls trilogy, second generation, dragons of summer flame, soulforge, brothers in arms, and the lost chronicles trilogy. in what order would you recommend reading them?

  12. Milan Mikulášek says:

    Dear Tracy Hickmann, I have red your Requiem of stars. It´s top of all science fiction. You MUST write the next volume. Please do it. Sicerely Milan

  13. aloha, sorry i missed you at borderlands (had to work. i’m a unit manager at a small pysch hosp so i couldn’t refuse really). am interested in your scribes forge. i’ve written two epic fantasy novels and have generally gotten positive and at least no negative notices from the few editors left in the field yet it turns out i did something never been done in fantasy; sexual content and language but it can’t hurt to pick your minds. peter

  14. andre matthes says:


    something new in the DG cycle.
    thats good news and thank you for this.
    at this time, good books are getting rare about all this vampire and werewolf-fiction.
    if there is any possibility to create a new PC-game (the old one is simply too….) please push that :-).


  15. andre matthes says:

    i´m from germany, a huge fan of the death gate cycle.
    is there any chance that someone may write a prequel of dgc?
    something like “XAR-the origins”?
    if nobody wants to – i would do it.
    i´ve read the DGC now for the 4. time – anytime a pleasure..

    • We actually have been discussing doing something new in the Deathgate universe — which includes new fiction. I hope to be able to report on that soon.

  16. Hello,
    We are the fantasy and science fiction community of the Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir in Turkey.
    This year at 14-15-16 May we are having a convention in Izmir. We would like to see you in our convention.
    And we would like to improve our knowledge with your wisdom.

    The content of convention is:

    Role Playing Games
    Live Action Role Play Games
    Magic the Gathering
    Costume Ball
    Treasure Hunt
    Mystical Garden
    Knowledge Games
    Retailer’s Stalls
    Board Games

    We would like to see the “elder” with us.

  17. jakub kowalski says:

    Where can i get an address for you because in school we need an address for a project we are doing? And I love your books that you wrote. Tasslehoff Burrfoot is my favorite character!! Plz answer me soon as in like the next three days!! please!!

  18. I’ve been trying to find an answer to a JRR Tolkien question. I would guess you are more than familiar with his works 😉

    I am a big fan of the Fantasy Fiction and Midieval works. I’m working on starting the process over with Tolkien.

    I’ve seen the Ring movies, but never read the books. A few co-workes assure me that I MUST read the books to get the true story.

    I just acquired copies of the Hobbit and The Silmarillion. I know the Hobbit provides the story of Bilbo, and I discovered the Silmarillion was published by Tolkien’s son, but it provides the history of the elves in the Rings books. So here’s the non-Hickman question, which would you recommend reading 1st, The Hobbit or The Silmarillion as I prepare to delve into the the three books of the Ring?

    (I’m still working on your works.)



  19. Tim Singleton says:

    Saw an interesting article in the latest Popular Science about reprograming the immune system. The example is going after type 1 diabetes. Not quite Vcids.
    For everyone else, find a copy of Mr Hickmans ‘The Immortals’

  20. Hi Mr. Hickman.
    I love your Dragonlance books, especially those with Margaret Weis. I am writing my first book called the Ataxian Chronicles: Sheol’s phylactery.

    I grew up with Dungeons and Dragons and love the characterizations. So I have three questions: When will the Dragonlance Chronicles Omnibus be available? Where is GenCon 2010 this year, if you know. And since you’ve played dungeons and dragons longer than me, how would a lich move in your opinion? I have liches in my book and I’m curious.


    • I’ll do my best with your questions, Francine;

      (1) You would need to ask Wizards of the Coast about any Dragonlance Chronicles Omnibus as they hold the copyrights; (2) Gencon 2010 will be held in August in Indianapolis, Indiana — where I hope to meet all my friends and (3) I don’t know … slowly?


  21. So I led a trip to GenCon 2009 with a bunch of my college buddies. Now every time I hear Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ it takes me right back – because it reminds me of ‘Raistlin Mage,’ that wonderful parody from Killer Breakfast. Any chance that will ever find its way onto the internet?

  22. 11/26/55 was a good day to be born 🙂

  23. Regarding the DeathGate Cycle, I am one who normally dreams in color. (Day dream or sleeping) The way in which you and Ms Weiss worded the books of the DGC made it very easy for me to close my eyes and place myself in the bowels of the machinery underground, or in the flying ships, the Labyrinth or even in the top of the trees. I had no problem geting into each book and staying lost in the worlds you two created.

  24. It is amazing, when I put on my gloves, they look like fingers, when I type they magically transform into thumbs… big mushroom-like thumbs! LOL

    FYI: I really enjoyed browsing your faith and family pages. It never ceases to amaze me how many questions can be answered with 13 simple statements. I hope your financial situation improves enough so that your ENTIRE family can afford to get new SHOES! 😉 Great photo!

    Have a great day,


  25. Sorry for the previous illiterate typing, I tend to use all 10 thumbs while typing! LOL

  26. HI! First, loved the Death Gate Cycle. 2nd, I have not yet (and may not) seen the movie Avatar; however, when watching commercials on the movie, the creatures, humanoids, and mostly the floating land masses reminded me of mental pictures I had while reathing the DGC. Any chance you were calaborators on this, or is it possible you were plagerized (consciously or subconsciously.)

    • I have not yet (and may not) seen the movie Avatar; however, when watching commercials on the movie, the creatures, humanoids, and mostly the floating land masses reminded me of mental pictures I had while reathing the DGC.

      Well, since I got my initial inspiration for the floating islands from rock music album covers in the 1970’s, I guess I really shouldn’t complain. Actually, I loved ‘Avatar’, think it is a major cinematic achievement by Cameron and would actually be flattered if he found any kernel of inspiration from my work as part of that amazing experience. Thanks, however, for watching my back!

    • I have not yet (and may not) seen the movie Avatar; however, when watching commercials on the movie, the creatures, humanoids, and mostly the floating land masses reminded me of mental pictures I had while reathing the DGC. Any chance you were calaborators on this, or is it possible you were plagerized (consciously or subconsciously.)

      I wish! Since I got my inspiration for those floating lands from rock album covers in the 1970’s, I really have no right to complain. I found ‘Avatar’ a cinematic triumph on many levels, am a huge fan of the movie and with James Cameron only the best with his brilliant creation. If I have somehow even the smallest kernel of of inspiration to that amazing film, then I would be flattered indeed … but thanks for watching my back!

  27. I was wondering do you have books in german? a friend wants to know also how many books total have and margaret weis written together?

  28. Andrew Whalen says:

    Just wondering if you ever wrote a book to in the bronze canticles seires ???

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