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The Best Government Corporations Can Buy

The other day I got an actual, physical letter from CREDO wanting to know if my phone company wanted a ‘Tea Party’ president. Now CREDO is, itself, a telecommunications wireless company based out of San Francisco. As a company it is very active in what you might call either ‘progressive’ or ‘left-wing’ politics depending upon […] Continue reading →

Rosenstern and Gildencrantz

I’ve been working with Laura on the second novel in the Drakis series — tentatively titled ‘Citadels of the Lost.’ Occasionally, I’ve felt a little lost myself as there were three characters who had come along for the ride from the previous novel. They were members of Urulani’s crew — sea raiders from the southern […] Continue reading →


Two Roads to Intellectual Property Success Phil Athans, former Wizards of the Coast editor of both Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms, has just published an article on ‘Intellectual Properties’ (IPs) and how they related to the creators original vision called ‘The Worlds that Outgrew their Stories’ for the online  ‘Grasping for the Wind: Science Fiction and […] Continue reading →

The McMillan – Amazon War

 There is an important battle being waged right now in the intellectual properties arena over ebooks. There’s a lot at stake here and while it revolves around money, it also deeply may affect the quality of the book you read … or may not get to read at all. It all started when a quiet, […] Continue reading →

Giant Leap Sideways for the iPad

 The media is all abuzz this morning about Apple’s announcement of the iPad. This latest example of chrome-laden technology is being touted as a ‘magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.’ Cue trumpets. While I, too, was initially drawn like a moth to the pretty, pretty lights and shiny, moving pictures I quickly began […] Continue reading →