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Personal musings and observations.

Dragonlance and Blarney Stones

It was thirty-three years ago today that my wife and I arrived in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin with our then two children. Our drive had really started four days before when we loaded what little we owned out of our apartment in Logan, Utah onto a moving van and drove south to meet my parents in […] Continue reading →

What I Want for Christmas

As long as I can remember,’what I want for Christmas’ has been the first and most paramount question of the holidays. It starts to rise up from the subconscious shortly before Thanksgiving and  then blossoms full blown in my mind sometime after the turkey-fueled lethargy wears off and pumpkin pie is offered. It is an ageless […] Continue reading →

Faith in the Cosmos

Laura and I had only been married about three years when Carl Sagan first appeared on our little portable color television in the original PBS series, ‘Cosmos’. The screen may have been small but his vision of the universe (in both the micro- and macro-scale) opened our eyes to greater horizons and perspectives. Decades and […] Continue reading →

Dragonlance: Leap of Faith

After being offered a job by TSR in February 1982, the most difficult part was saying yes. I had lived most of my life in Utah, had met my wife there, and our then two children had been born there. While it was true that as a missionary had traveled to the far side of […] Continue reading →

Winter of our Discontent

Laura and I have, like so many others, been buried this winter in so many ways. The most obvious is the snow which has been falling her in Utah on the ‘snowboarders’ and the ‘non-snowboarders’ alike in significant abundance. It has brought to me a cold (gratefully fleeting) while at the same time has afforded […] Continue reading →

American Fork Nativity

Earlier this month, it was Laura’s Birthday. Traditionally, this has meant that she got her presents wrapped in Christmas paper (much to her dismay) and since her birthday is preceded by three other birthdays AND Thanksgiving, celebratory cake does not even make her list of desired activities. However, this year Laura received an email from […] Continue reading →