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Write Like the Dickens Webinar

The world of publishing is radically changing but lessons from the past can give us new insights into how we can best address this future. Tonight’s online video webinar, “Write Like the Dickens!’ explores why the economic model of traditional publishing has been turned on its head (literally) and how utilizing techniques from the time […] Continue reading →

Holiday Fantasy Sale

Tis the season of giving … and we are offering unique gifts for the holidays. Everything from a new holiday story, to savings on signed, numbered and registered novels from our private printing and even gift discounts on our writing seminars. If you are looking for something special, then please visit our Holiday Fantasy Sale! […] Continue reading →

Your Opinion: Hickman Writing Webinars

REGISTER for a FREE Writing Workshop! Laura and I are always looking for ways of improving our Scribe’s Forge Online Writing Seminars. We now have the opportunity to offer exclusive online video ‘webinars’ — internet-based workshops — where limited classes of up to twenty participants will sit down and discuss a focused aspect of their […] Continue reading →

New Years Revolutions

Knights of the Red Band The year 2012 is just dawning on the horizon filled for Laura and I with new and, in may ways, life changing possibilities. In the past I have contented myself with ‘resolutions’ but given the scope of the changes in my life and the new directions that writing is taking, I think ‘New Years Revolutions’ […] Continue reading →

Come on, get HAPPI…

Traditionally, by the time a book or service gets from the writer or producer into the hands of the audience … well, it goes through a lot of other hands in between. Each one of those hands takes a little bit of profit from of the top. Which generally means that things end up costing […] Continue reading →

Scribe’s Forge Preview

As we are gearing up for the launch of our Scribe’s Forge Online Writing Seminars and Workshops, we wanted to share a small piece of the first video seminar in our six-week series. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our seminars, where you create the next great story … and we provide the tools […] Continue reading →

Scribe’s Forge Publisher

As we’ve been working on the Dragonsbard project, we’ve been acquiring quite a bit of experience (actual experience rather than those meaningless points one acquires in so many games) in this new field of Serial Publishing. Serial Publishing sounds like a crime but is actually the revolutionary concept on which Dragonsbard was built: publish like […] Continue reading →