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Forum for Creativity

It’s time we talked … or at least time we enter into a conversation! Laura and I are proud to introduce our shiny new forums right here on our Tracy Hickman website. While we have administered forums specifically for our Scribe’s Forge authors and our subscribers in our Dragon’s Bard series … as well as […] Continue reading →

Save or Die for Hickman

I just appeared on the ‘Save or Die’ podcast, talking about classic AD&D and the good old days at TSR, Inc. We discussed the origins of Dragonlance and the early days of Dungeons & Dragons — the evolution of adventure modules and the new projects at Dragonsbard and our upcoming writing seminars at Scribe’s Forge. […] Continue reading →

Holiday Cheer 2010

 PORT OF CALL: Tim Slover’s ‘Comin’ Out fer Christmas’ My good friend and playwright Tim Slover wrote this wonderful piece for his Christmas Party this year — and I just had to share it with you. Yee-ha! The place of board games in our families traditional holiday celebrations is remembered and Tracy and Laura’s ‘Santa’s […] Continue reading →

Dragon’s Bard … A Story Written for You

 A Special Invitation… Available nowhere else! New York Times Best-selling author Tracy Hickman with his wife and partner Laura Hickman, world-renown fantasy authors for over a quarter of a century are writing a fantasy novel exclusively by subscription only! Dragon’s Bard is an ambitious new project created especially for you by Laura and me. Dragon’s […] Continue reading →

Something Big is Coming…

 I just want to give all of you a heads up this morning. In approximately two weeks, I’ll be making a game changing announcement … a new direction for Laura and I to explore on this Sea of Possibilities. We’ll be inviting each of you to join us in this new and, we think, very […] Continue reading →

Drakis on its way!

 Early this morning, I woke up with the last few chapters of ‘Song of the Dragon’ waiting for me. Reading through this story again got me excited yet again about this story of Drakis — an insignificant slave of the mighty Rhonas elven empire and his amazing flight toward a destiny that he wants desperately […] Continue reading →

The McMillan – Amazon War

 There is an important battle being waged right now in the intellectual properties arena over ebooks. There’s a lot at stake here and while it revolves around money, it also deeply may affect the quality of the book you read … or may not get to read at all. It all started when a quiet, […] Continue reading →

Reflections on Dragonships

 I’ve been rereading both of the first two Dragonships novels in preparation for launching into Book III. It may seem like a strange thing that an author needs to read their own book. Of course, Margaret does the primary writing of the text on nearly all of our joint collaborations and changes often take place […] Continue reading →