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Dragonlance: The Story and the Game

One of the most enduring stories about the origins of the Dragonlance novels is that the books were written from the events taken directly from gaming sessions and our play. The truth is … a bit more complicated than that. Dragonlance was originally envisioned as a series of role-playing modules for the Advanced Dungeons & […] Continue reading →

A Little Christmas Test

As a Christian and devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), you would be right in assuming that Christmas is a special time of celebration for my family and me. My father being a scholar, over the years, has annually presented us with a ‘Christmas Test’ to help us keep […] Continue reading →

Hickman Worlds Tour

Where in the World … or out of them … are the Hickmans? If you tried to keep up with our location in November, you might be a little hard pressed to find us Here’s a quick report on our whirlwind world tour to a city-state in the Far East, a fantasy realm located in […] Continue reading →

Holiday Fantasy Sale

Tis the season of giving … and we are offering unique gifts for the holidays. Everything from a new holiday story, to savings on signed, numbered and registered novels from our private printing and even gift discounts on our writing seminars. If you are looking for something special, then please visit our Holiday Fantasy Sale! […] Continue reading →

Eventide for Everyone!

Laura and I just returned from New York City and our release of “Tales of the Dragon’s Bard Vol. 1: Eventide” and what a success it was! We’ve had messages and emails from so many readers who acquired the book there. And now we’re offering copies of the book — signed by both of us […] Continue reading →

New Years Revolutions

Knights of the Red Band The year 2012 is just dawning on the horizon filled for Laura and I with new and, in may ways, life changing possibilities. In the past I have contented myself with ‘resolutions’ but given the scope of the changes in my life and the new directions that writing is taking, I think ‘New Years Revolutions’ […] Continue reading →

Dragon*Con 2011 Report

Well, Laura and I are both home from Dragon*con … the amazing and sometimes frightening convention in Atlanta, Georgia held over every Labor Day Weekend. It was something of a miraculous event for us this year, marking our return after several years absence. Thursday, September 1st Laura and I started the day early, rushing to […] Continue reading →