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New Years Revolutions

Knights of the Red Band The year 2012 is just dawning on the horizon filled for Laura and I with new and, in may ways, life changing possibilities. In the past I have contented myself with ‘resolutions’ but given the scope of the changes in my life and the new directions that writing is taking, I think ‘New Years Revolutions’ […] Continue reading →

Dragon*Con 2011 Report

Well, Laura and I are both home from Dragon*con … the amazing and sometimes frightening convention in Atlanta, Georgia held over every Labor Day Weekend. It was something of a miraculous event for us this year, marking our return after several years absence. Thursday, September 1st Laura and I started the day early, rushing to […] Continue reading →

Forum for Creativity

It’s time we talked … or at least time we enter into a conversation! Laura and I are proud to introduce our shiny new forums right here on our Tracy Hickman website. While we have administered forums specifically for our Scribe’s Forge authors and our subscribers in our Dragon’s Bard series … as well as […] Continue reading →

GEN CON Memories

Laura and I are now back from our amazing adventures in Indianapolis at the GEN CON Convention held August 4th through 7th of 2011. It was a most amazing convention and — true to most conventions — I sincerely wish that I had seen more of it. We had, of course, been planning this for […] Continue reading →

Come on, get HAPPI…

Traditionally, by the time a book or service gets from the writer or producer into the hands of the audience … well, it goes through a lot of other hands in between. Each one of those hands takes a little bit of profit from of the top. Which generally means that things end up costing […] Continue reading →

Wayne of Gotham

I have begun work at last on my ‘Batman’ novel for Harper Collins. It is currently entitled ‘Wayne of Gotham’ and we now have a Facebook page set up for the project so that we can update you on its progress. Come join us there, like us, and we’ll keep you in the loop as […] Continue reading →

Scribe’s Forge Preview

As we are gearing up for the launch of our Scribe’s Forge Online Writing Seminars and Workshops, we wanted to share a small piece of the first video seminar in our six-week series. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our seminars, where you create the next great story … and we provide the tools […] Continue reading →

Fireborn: Embers of Atlantis

Tracy Hickman and Fantasy Flight Games are pleased to announce ‘Fireborn: Embers of Atlantis’ — a new novel by Tracy Hickman “We are going to preserve life,” Tsanya snapped. “Your lives and those of our own race. We have found a way to graft the souls of dragons and Seelie into the race of men.” […] Continue reading →

Save or Die for Hickman

I just appeared on the ‘Save or Die’ podcast, talking about classic AD&D and the good old days at TSR, Inc. We discussed the origins of Dragonlance and the early days of Dungeons & Dragons — the evolution of adventure modules and the new projects at Dragonsbard and our upcoming writing seminars at Scribe’s Forge. […] Continue reading →