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Information about new projects of an unusual nature.

Underworld Ascendant and Me

I’m delighted to announce that I am slated to write a novel in support of Underworld Ascendant, a Kickstarter project currently being funded online. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed worked with Richard Garriott as the Lead Story Designer for his Shroud of the Avatar MMORPG and was subsequently approached by Otherside Entertainment. As Underworld Ascendant takes place […] Continue reading →

Unearthed Treasures for the Archives

Last year, Brigham Young University asked us if we would allow them to archive our papers in their special collections. It was an incredible honor and one which we were very happy to accept. The idea that our drawings, notes and original manuscripts could be preserved and studied for generations to come has made us […] Continue reading →

New Years Revolutions

Knights of the Red Band The year 2012 is just dawning on the horizon filled for Laura and I with new and, in may ways, life changing possibilities. In the past I have contented myself with ‘resolutions’ but given the scope of the changes in my life and the new directions that writing is taking, I think ‘New Years Revolutions’ […] Continue reading →

Come on, get HAPPI…

Traditionally, by the time a book or service gets from the writer or producer into the hands of the audience … well, it goes through a lot of other hands in between. Each one of those hands takes a little bit of profit from of the top. Which generally means that things end up costing […] Continue reading →

Dragon’s Bard … A Story Written for You

 A Special Invitation… Available nowhere else! New York Times Best-selling author Tracy Hickman with his wife and partner Laura Hickman, world-renown fantasy authors for over a quarter of a century are writing a fantasy novel exclusively by subscription only! Dragon’s Bard is an ambitious new project created especially for you by Laura and me. Dragon’s […] Continue reading →

Space Monkey

 My friend Richard Garriott was good enough to share this video with me … and I’d like to share it with you. Space Monkey from Leo Burnett on Vimeo. It’s a beautiful message approached in a unique and thoughtful way. Continue reading →