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Underworld Ascendant and Me

I’m delighted to announce that I am slated to write a novel in support of Underworld Ascendant, a Kickstarter project currently being funded online. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed worked with Richard Garriott as the Lead Story Designer for his Shroud of the Avatar MMORPG and was subsequently approached by Otherside Entertainment. As Underworld Ascendant takes place […] Continue reading →

Eye of the Dragon: Recreating the Past

How does one recreate the look of a self-made adventure module over thirty years old? With great difficulty, it turns out. Over three and a half decades ago, Laura and I were just recently married and newly introduced to Dungeons & Dragons. Our enthusiasm overflowed into creativity. We wanted something more oriented toward story that […] Continue reading →

Sojourner Tales: We are GO for Game!

Late last week, we received one of the most important milestones in the production of our Sojourner Tales game … the Mass Production Sample. This is the approval sample of our game and the last step before your copy of the game is actually made. This represents exactly what the game is going to look […] Continue reading →

Dragonlance: The Story and the Game

One of the most enduring stories about the origins of the Dragonlance novels is that the books were written from the events taken directly from gaming sessions and our play. The truth is … a bit more complicated than that. Dragonlance was originally envisioned as a series of role-playing modules for the Advanced Dungeons & […] Continue reading →

Designing Games? Play, Play Again!

Even for the most practiced game designers, no initial set of rules is going to work the first time out of the box. Indeed, the most common experience in designing any kind of game is that the designer puts together the rules, layout and components of a game with his ‘best guess.’ It looks pretty […] Continue reading →

Fantasy Novelist Hickman to Write Computer Game Novel

‘Stretch Goal’ Promises Tracy Hickman Serial Novel for Upcoming ‘Shroud of the Avatar’ Fantasy Computer Game Portalarium Games announced late yesterday that I have offered to write a serial fantasy novel for the upcoming fantasy computer game ‘Shroud of the Avatar’ should the project fund to the $1.8m dollar stretch goal. All backers (including those […] Continue reading →