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Drakis on its way!

 Early this morning, I woke up with the last few chapters of ‘Song of the Dragon’ waiting for me. Reading through this story again got me excited yet again about this story of Drakis — an insignificant slave of the mighty Rhonas elven empire and his amazing flight toward a destiny that he wants desperately […] Continue reading →

Secrets of the Dragon Booklist Review

 We just got word of our Booklist review for Dragonships 2: Secret of the Dragon. Here’s what they had to say about the book which is premiering on March 13th: “The second volume in a classic war-of-the-gods saga proves Weis and Hickman’s total mastery of elements including hero Skylan—not totally admirable even if he is […] Continue reading →

Giant Leap Sideways for the iPad

 The media is all abuzz this morning about Apple’s announcement of the iPad. This latest example of chrome-laden technology is being touted as a ‘magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.’ Cue trumpets. While I, too, was initially drawn like a moth to the pretty, pretty lights and shiny, moving pictures I quickly began […] Continue reading →

Reflections on Dragonships

 I’ve been rereading both of the first two Dragonships novels in preparation for launching into Book III. It may seem like a strange thing that an author needs to read their own book. Of course, Margaret does the primary writing of the text on nearly all of our joint collaborations and changes often take place […] Continue reading →