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30 Years of Dragonlance

Thirty years ago, ‘Dragonlance’ was unknown outside the walls of TSR Inc. It was a difficult time for the company. There had been a downturn after the large wave of hirings which had brought me into the company and how many of the creators were faced with layoffs. There was a desperate sense that the […] Continue reading →

Unwept Cover Revealed

Unwept is the beginning of a spellbinding new trilogy by the bestselling co-creators of Dragonlance and Ravenloft — and we wanted to share the cover art with you as soon as we saw it! Gamin, Maine, is a remote seaside town where everyone seems to know Ellis Harkington better than she knows herself—but she doesn’t […] Continue reading →

Fantasy Novelist Hickman to Write Computer Game Novel

‘Stretch Goal’ Promises Tracy Hickman Serial Novel for Upcoming ‘Shroud of the Avatar’ Fantasy Computer Game Portalarium Games announced late yesterday that I have offered to write a serial fantasy novel for the upcoming fantasy computer game ‘Shroud of the Avatar’ should the project fund to the $1.8m dollar stretch goal. All backers (including those […] Continue reading →

Batman’s Buried Treasures

Last year, I had the great joy in seeing my Batman novel, ‘Wayne of Gotham’ in print. It was a thrill to have visited so long with the Caped Crusader and I was anxious to be able to do so again. I set my heart to the task and produced an outline which I thought […] Continue reading →

Swept Up by the Sea

One of the interesting changes between our special collector’s editions of Dragon’s Bard and those of the mass-market editions has been not only in the content of the books but in the marketing approach itself. Originally the second book in our series was titled ‘Blackshore’ and was a sea-going romantic pirate tale. The publishers who […] Continue reading →

Holiday Fantasy Sale

Tis the season of giving … and we are offering unique gifts for the holidays. Everything from a new holiday story, to savings on signed, numbered and registered novels from our private printing and even gift discounts on our writing seminars. If you are looking for something special, then please visit our Holiday Fantasy Sale! […] Continue reading →

Comic Con Day #3

Finished up my journal entries here and then tried to get them posted to my website. It is very difficult to get the postings up because the internet access is so spotty right now. The cellular towers appear to be overloaded and getting the tether to go through my phone is often more miss than […] Continue reading →

Comic Con Day #2

I’m sitting in the Sirius XM production room — which turns out to be Hilton 307. I had to pass a security guard in order to enter this partition of a ball room. The two stars from Psych just walked in the room for their interview. James Roday and Dulle Hill. They are chatting at […] Continue reading →