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Hickman’s Gencon Events Going… Going…

The Gencon Gaming Convention event tickets went on sale yesterday … and I hope you’ll hurry and get your tickets to our events while they last. Our currently scheduled events include: Hickman’s Killer Breakfast (The Sequel)  (Friday / 9:00 AM) This year we will be doing an encore presentation of our classic Dragonlance Killer Breakfast — Dragonlance: […] Continue reading →

Prize Winning Lunch

There was one piece of business from our recent amazing experience at Comic Con FanXperience here in Salt Lake City, Utah, that had been left undone. Our amazing new texting system had worked beautifully to select a winner of our grand prize, but I had not yet arranged to deliver it. Fortunately, also because of […] Continue reading →

Hickman’s Comic Con FanXperience

Fanx Booth Laura and I attended the Salt Lake comic con fan experience, held on April 17-19 at the Salt Lake city salt Palace convention center. It was a wild and wonderful ride, mostly memorable for the wonderful fans and new friends that we got to meet at that science fiction geek fest just a few weeks […] Continue reading →

Gencon Report

Five Days of the Living Gamers Wednesday, August 8th: We got up VERY early in the morning (around 3:30 am local time) so that we could make our flight. By ‘we’ I mean my wife and coauthor Laura, our immensely talented daughter Tasha and my own author self. We had purposefully chosen an earlier flight […] Continue reading →

Dragon*Con Slayers!

Once Upon this week, Laura the Fair, Tracy the Just and their daughter Tasha the Bard are setting out on a noble quest to the towers of Atlanta in search of the dangerous and mystical creature known as Dragon*Con. As with all good adventurers, we are armed with a map to the treasure which we […] Continue reading →

Comic Con Day #3

Finished up my journal entries here and then tried to get them posted to my website. It is very difficult to get the postings up because the internet access is so spotty right now. The cellular towers appear to be overloaded and getting the tether to go through my phone is often more miss than […] Continue reading →