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I was sworn to silence… but now the secret is out! When my son, Curtis, was a boy, he used to create theme parks for the rest of the family in his bedroom. Then in his teens he began performing magic professionally. As he grew to manhood he even began creating illusions for other magicians […] Continue reading →

What I Want for Christmas

As long as I can remember,’what I want for Christmas’ has been the first and most paramount question of the holidays. It starts to rise up from the subconscious shortly before Thanksgiving and  then blossoms full blown in my mind sometime after the turkey-fueled lethargy wears off and pumpkin pie is offered. It is an ageless […] Continue reading →

Unwept Contest Winner…

We recently ran a text-messaging contest for an autographed copy of our newly-released ‘Unwept’ novel, the first in our ‘Nightbirds’ trilogy. Today we selected our winner at it is… David Wade of Spencer, Indiana! As soon as our system selected the winner, I not only texted David that he had won but decided to pick […] Continue reading →

A Little Christmas Test

As a Christian and devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), you would be right in assuming that Christmas is a special time of celebration for my family and me. My father being a scholar, over the years, has annually presented us with a ‘Christmas Test’ to help us keep […] Continue reading →