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Last year, I had the great joy in seeing my Batman novel, ‘Wayne of Gotham’ in print. It was a thrill to have visited so long with the Caped Crusader and I was anxious to be able to do so again. I set my heart to the task and produced an outline which I thought was a great continuation of that original story. I called it ‘Sons of Gotham’ and sent the proposal through my agent to the publishers to see if they would like for me to visit Gotham City once again.

The editor loved the proposal, DC Comics loved the proposal, and we waited to hear from the Guy at Warner Brothers who had to give their approval to the project.

Now, I don’t know if this is the SAME Guy at Warner Brothers who insisted that I take out any references to Howdy Doody, the Everly Brothers or even Zorro (despite my getting actual written permission from the people who OWN Zorro to put the character in my book) but whether this is the same guy or not it makes little difference. As far as I am concerned they are behaving like the same guy so they might as well be the Guy from Warner Brothers.

They liked the proposal. They liked my original book. They thought it performed well … and therefore they decided that I COULD NOT write another Batman novel.

Why? You might ask. I asked the same thing. The reason they gave was they ‘didn’t want one author too branded to the license.’

So, as I bid a fond farewell to my Batman dreams, I thought it best if I shared them with you.

Anyone who signs up for my website and logs in here will be able to visit my ‘Buried Treasures‘ page. There, you can download at no charge whatsoever, the complete outline for my never-to-be-written ‘Sons of Gotham’ novel … as well as the bits from the original ‘Wayne of Gotham’ that include Zorro before he was expurgated.

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