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The Best Government Corporations Can Buy

The other day I got an actual, physical letter from CREDO wanting to know if my phone company wanted a ‘Tea Party’ president. Now CREDO is, itself, a telecommunications wireless company based out of San Francisco. As a company it is very active in what you might call either ‘progressive’ or ‘left-wing’ politics depending upon […] Continue reading →

GEN CON Memories

Laura and I are now back from our amazing adventures in Indianapolis at the GEN CON Convention held August 4th through 7th of 2011. It was a most amazing convention and — true to most conventions — I sincerely wish that I had seen more of it. We had, of course, been planning this for […] Continue reading →

Come on, get HAPPI…

Traditionally, by the time a book or service gets from the writer or producer into the hands of the audience … well, it goes through a lot of other hands in between. Each one of those hands takes a little bit of profit from of the top. Which generally means that things end up costing […] Continue reading →

Wayne of Gotham

I have begun work at last on my ‘Batman’ novel for Harper Collins. It is currently entitled ‘Wayne of Gotham’ and we now have a Facebook page set up for the project so that we can update you on its progress. Come join us there, like us, and we’ll keep you in the loop as […] Continue reading →

Scribe’s Forge Preview

As we are gearing up for the launch of our Scribe’s Forge Online Writing Seminars and Workshops, we wanted to share a small piece of the first video seminar in our six-week series. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our seminars, where you create the next great story … and we provide the tools […] Continue reading →

Fireborn: Embers of Atlantis

Tracy Hickman and Fantasy Flight Games are pleased to announce ‘Fireborn: Embers of Atlantis’ — a new novel by Tracy Hickman “We are going to preserve life,” Tsanya snapped. “Your lives and those of our own race. We have found a way to graft the souls of dragons and Seelie into the race of men.” […] Continue reading →

Save or Die for Hickman

I just appeared on the ‘Save or Die’ podcast, talking about classic AD&D and the good old days at TSR, Inc. We discussed the origins of Dragonlance and the early days of Dungeons & Dragons — the evolution of adventure modules and the new projects at Dragonsbard and our upcoming writing seminars at Scribe’s Forge. […] Continue reading →

Life, The Universe … and me

We all want to know the answer to the question that was posed by Douglas Adams in his wonderful Hitchhiker’s Guide and perhaps we may get a glimpse into that this weekend when I attend ‘Life, the Universe and Everything 29’ behind held at the BYU Conference Center at BYU in Provo, Utah starting today […] Continue reading →

Gencon 2011 Events

We have just submitted the events we will be offering at the Gencon Convention this year in Indianapolis: EVENT DESCRIPTIONS: HICKMAN’S WRITING SEMINAR AND WORKSHOP: Thursday / 5:00 pm (1700 hrs) Tracy Hickman, NYT Best-selling novelist and Laura Hickman, co-author of ‘The Bronze Canticles’ series presents a unique opportunity to writers at Gencon. Participants in […] Continue reading →