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New Years Revolutions

Knights of the Red Band The year 2012 is just dawning on the horizon filled for Laura and I with new and, in may ways, life changing possibilities. In the past I have contented myself with ‘resolutions’ but given the scope of the changes in my life and the new directions that writing is taking, I think ‘New Years Revolutions’ […] Continue reading →

The Spirit of Christmas

When I was a boy, I loved Christmas at my Grandfather’s house. We were living in Las Vegas, Nevada at the time while my father was trying to establish an educational television system in that state. But my grandparents on my father’s side, whom I knew as Grampa Sam and Nanny, lived in their home […] Continue reading →

Writing from a World Away

by Tom Bielawski Note from Tracy Hickman: Tom Bielawski is one of our authors taking part in our ‘Scribe’s Forge Online Writing Workshops and Seminars.’ We thought you might like to hear about his experience both in our workshops and his journey as a new author in modern publishing. I really feel honored to be […] Continue reading →

We Sing the Ideal

Laura and I have been watching the ABC television series ‘Once Upon a Time‘ here in the United States. It is about an Evil Queen in a fantasy world filled with fairytale characters all of whom she curses with the most terrible of magical spells … condemning them to live their lives in our reality […] Continue reading →

War on Horror

It is that haunting time of year. October brings with it a heightened interest in the macabre. My daughter, Tasha, is currently moonlighting (a somehow appropriate term) in a local ‘Haunted Circus’ attraction in our community where tents and an unending chain of connected semi trailers — sort of a portable haunted house — are […] Continue reading →

When a Dancer Falls

The beautiful woman on the left. I’d like to introduce you to her … her name is Laurie Payne. Laurie was born with a passion for the arts. She received a BA from BYU in Theatre Secondary Ed, with a Dance Teaching Minor. She grew up performing and learning stage craft under the mentoring of […] Continue reading →

Dragon*Con 2011 Report

Well, Laura and I are both home from Dragon*con … the amazing and sometimes frightening convention in Atlanta, Georgia held over every Labor Day Weekend. It was something of a miraculous event for us this year, marking our return after several years absence. Thursday, September 1st Laura and I started the day early, rushing to […] Continue reading →

Forum for Creativity

It’s time we talked … or at least time we enter into a conversation! Laura and I are proud to introduce our shiny new forums right here on our Tracy Hickman website. While we have administered forums specifically for our Scribe’s Forge authors and our subscribers in our Dragon’s Bard series … as well as […] Continue reading →