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Gencon Report

Five Days of the Living Gamers Wednesday, August 8th: We got up VERY early in the morning (around 3:30 am local time) so that we could make our flight. By ‘we’ I mean my wife and coauthor Laura, our immensely talented daughter Tasha and my own author self. We had purposefully chosen an earlier flight […] Continue reading →

Dragon*Con Slayers!

Once Upon this week, Laura the Fair, Tracy the Just and their daughter Tasha the Bard are setting out on a noble quest to the towers of Atlanta in search of the dangerous and mystical creature known as Dragon*Con. As with all good adventurers, we are armed with a map to the treasure which we […] Continue reading →

Comic Con Day #3

Finished up my journal entries here and then tried to get them posted to my website. It is very difficult to get the postings up because the internet access is so spotty right now. The cellular towers appear to be overloaded and getting the tether to go through my phone is often more miss than […] Continue reading →

Comic Con Day #2

I’m sitting in the Sirius XM production room — which turns out to be Hilton 307. I had to pass a security guard in order to enter this partition of a ball room. The two stars from Psych just walked in the room for their interview. James Roday and Dulle Hill. They are chatting at […] Continue reading →

Comic-Con Day #1

While packing up to leave my fatherr’s house, Laura tried to carry out too many things at once. One of them happened to be a box of All-bran cereal. At the door of my dad’s house, it started spilling all over the floor. Laura couldn’t figure out where it was all coming from: the result […] Continue reading →

Wayne of Gotham Autographs

PLEASE NOTE: Due to public appearances at Comic-Con San Diego, any autograph items ordered at this time will not be shipped until after July 19th. In just a little under two weeks, Batman will have to confront the reality of his father’s life and death in my new book, ‘Wayne of Gotham.’ Sanctioned and commissioned […] Continue reading →

Eventide for Everyone!

Laura and I just returned from New York City and our release of “Tales of the Dragon’s Bard Vol. 1: Eventide” and what a success it was! We’ve had messages and emails from so many readers who acquired the book there. And now we’re offering copies of the book — signed by both of us […] Continue reading →

Pick-a-path Musical

 This Gencon Convention, my wife Laura, my daughter Tasha and I will be launching a new interactive performance. So, from the people who brought you ‘Killer Breakfast’, may we introduce you to ‘Hickman’s Pick A Path Musical’ — an interactive hour and a half of story and song with the audience determining the course of […] Continue reading →

Your Opinion: Hickman Writing Webinars

REGISTER for a FREE Writing Workshop! Laura and I are always looking for ways of improving our Scribe’s Forge Online Writing Seminars. We now have the opportunity to offer exclusive online video ‘webinars’ — internet-based workshops — where limited classes of up to twenty participants will sit down and discuss a focused aspect of their […] Continue reading →