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Swept Up by the Sea

One of the interesting changes between our special collector’s editions of Dragon’s Bard and those of the mass-market editions has been not only in the content of the books but in the marketing approach itself. Originally the second book in our series was titled ‘Blackshore’ and was a sea-going romantic pirate tale. The publishers who […] Continue reading →

Write Like the Dickens Webinar

The world of publishing is radically changing but lessons from the past can give us new insights into how we can best address this future. Tonight’s online video webinar, “Write Like the Dickens!’ explores why the economic model of traditional publishing has been turned on its head (literally) and how utilizing techniques from the time […] Continue reading →

Winter of our Discontent

Laura and I have, like so many others, been buried this winter in so many ways. The most obvious is the snow which has been falling her in Utah on the ‘snowboarders’ and the ‘non-snowboarders’ alike in significant abundance. It has brought to me a cold (gratefully fleeting) while at the same time has afforded […] Continue reading →

Which Way Did They Go?

I’ve been bashing away at our new fantasy series ‘Knights of the Red Band’. It’s a unique fantasy world where the sun remains stationary in the sky and life can only thrive on the ‘red band’ between the eternal sun and everlasting night. One of the fascinating things in fantasy world building is that even […] Continue reading →

American Fork Nativity

Earlier this month, it was Laura’s Birthday. Traditionally, this has meant that she got her presents wrapped in Christmas paper (much to her dismay) and since her birthday is preceded by three other birthdays AND Thanksgiving, celebratory cake does not even make her list of desired activities. However, this year Laura received an email from […] Continue reading →

The Man Who Invented Christmas

For some time now I’ve been enjoy the book, ‘The Man Who Invented Christmas‘ by Les Standiford. The subtitle is ‘How Charles Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ Rescued His Career and Revived Our Holiday Spirits.’ As I have felt compelled this holiday season to write my own Christmas tale — and in Dicken’s serial format nonetheless […] Continue reading →

Holiday Fantasy Sale

Tis the season of giving … and we are offering unique gifts for the holidays. Everything from a new holiday story, to savings on signed, numbered and registered novels from our private printing and even gift discounts on our writing seminars. If you are looking for something special, then please visit our Holiday Fantasy Sale! […] Continue reading →

Beyond the Mirror

I was looking on Facebook today and noticed that a good friend of mine, Trampas Whiteman, has posted the following: Have you ever thought about unfriending someone because something they like (that you don’t like) shows up in your news feed over and over? As I read this, I notice that my facebook page on […] Continue reading →

Oscilations, Politics & Story

On Facebook the other day, I clicked on ‘like’ Mitt Romney. One of my friends on Facebook responded to my like with “Are u frickin kidding me? Romney?? REALLY???” Well, yes … really. Now I want to be clear. The fact that Lindsay Lohan has endorsed Mitt Romney for President in no way informed my […] Continue reading →