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Designing Games? Play, Play Again!

Even for the most practiced game designers, no initial set of rules is going to work the first time out of the box. Indeed, the most common experience in designing any kind of game is that the designer puts together the rules, layout and components of a game with his ‘best guess.’ It looks pretty […] Continue reading →

Fantasy Novelist Hickman to Write Computer Game Novel

‘Stretch Goal’ Promises Tracy Hickman Serial Novel for Upcoming ‘Shroud of the Avatar’ Fantasy Computer Game Portalarium Games announced late yesterday that I have offered to write a serial fantasy novel for the upcoming fantasy computer game ‘Shroud of the Avatar’ should the project fund to the $1.8m dollar stretch goal. All backers (including those […] Continue reading →

Batman’s Buried Treasures

Last year, I had the great joy in seeing my Batman novel, ‘Wayne of Gotham’ in print. It was a thrill to have visited so long with the Caped Crusader and I was anxious to be able to do so again. I set my heart to the task and produced an outline which I thought […] Continue reading →

Tracy Hickman Joins ‘Shroud of the Avatar’ as Lead Story Designer

Two Legends of Gaming join forces! International and New York Times Best-selling fantasy author Tracy Hickman is pleased to announce that he is joining Richard Garriott’s team as Lead Story Designer for ‘Shroud of the Avatar.’ “There is a tremendous opportunity to create something meaningful, challenging and wondrous in Shroud of the Avatar,” Tracy said. […] Continue reading →

Unearthed Treasures for the Archives

Last year, Brigham Young University asked us if we would allow them to archive our papers in their special collections. It was an incredible honor and one which we were very happy to accept. The idea that our drawings, notes and original manuscripts could be preserved and studied for generations to come has made us […] Continue reading →