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Hickman’s Comic Con FanXperience

Fanx Booth Laura and I attended the Salt Lake comic con fan experience, held on April 17-19 at the Salt Lake city salt Palace convention center. It was a wild and wonderful ride, mostly memorable for the wonderful fans and new friends that we got to meet at that science fiction geek fest just a few weeks […] Continue reading →

Faith in the Cosmos

Laura and I had only been married about three years when Carl Sagan first appeared on our little portable color television in the original PBS series, ‘Cosmos’. The screen may have been small but his vision of the universe (in both the micro- and macro-scale) opened our eyes to greater horizons and perspectives. Decades and […] Continue reading →

Dragonlance: The Story and the Game

One of the most enduring stories about the origins of the Dragonlance novels is that the books were written from the events taken directly from gaming sessions and our play. The truth is … a bit more complicated than that. Dragonlance was originally envisioned as a series of role-playing modules for the Advanced Dungeons & […] Continue reading →

Dragonlance: Selling the Dream

It is a truth in life that to make our dreams come true, we often have to conquer some pretty mundane territory. In 1983 the problem facing Harold Johnson and I was not how to create the extraordinary vision of Dragonlance … but how to get the company we worked for, TSR, Inc., to approve […] Continue reading →