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Space Monkey

 My friend Richard Garriott was good enough to share this video with me … and I’d like to share it with you. Space Monkey from Leo Burnett on Vimeo. It’s a beautiful message approached in a unique and thoughtful way. Continue reading →

Drakis on its way!

 Early this morning, I woke up with the last few chapters of ‘Song of the Dragon’ waiting for me. Reading through this story again got me excited yet again about this story of Drakis — an insignificant slave of the mighty Rhonas elven empire and his amazing flight toward a destiny that he wants desperately […] Continue reading →

Secrets of the Dragon Booklist Review

 We just got word of our Booklist review for Dragonships 2: Secret of the Dragon. Here’s what they had to say about the book which is premiering on March 13th: “The second volume in a classic war-of-the-gods saga proves Weis and Hickman’s total mastery of elements including hero Skylan—not totally admirable even if he is […] Continue reading →

The Leprecon in Dublin

 I will be appearing at Leprecon — the 31st premiere Irish Gaming Convention held this March 12th through 14th or 2010 at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. I’ll be bringing with me a FEW copies of XDM: Xtreme Dungeon Mastery and be performing a fierce Killer Breakfast for any chancers muking about. We’ll also be doing […] Continue reading →

The McMillan – Amazon War

 There is an important battle being waged right now in the intellectual properties arena over ebooks. There’s a lot at stake here and while it revolves around money, it also deeply may affect the quality of the book you read … or may not get to read at all. It all started when a quiet, […] Continue reading →

Giant Leap Sideways for the iPad

 The media is all abuzz this morning about Apple’s announcement of the iPad. This latest example of chrome-laden technology is being touted as a ‘magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.’ Cue trumpets. While I, too, was initially drawn like a moth to the pretty, pretty lights and shiny, moving pictures I quickly began […] Continue reading →